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What Is An RV AC Cover? Do You Need One?

What Is An RV AC Cover? Do You Need One?

There are many parts of an RV that we maintain and protect to ensure that they’ll continue to perform well over time. Many aspects of an RV need protection from the elements or from potential damage due to everything from trees, to wind, to animals, to road debris. But an RV AC cover is something that often goes unconsidered, and in today’s post we’re taking a look at whether we should all be paying more attention to our AC units by protecting them with covers.

Let’s take a look…

What Is an RV AC Cover?

Most RVs have at least one AC unit that sits on the roof of the rig. An RV AC cover is a cover made of a durable, weatherproof material that wraps around the AC unit to protect it from the elements.

These may be made of plastic, vinyl, or similar materials, and are sized for standard AC roof units. They wrap around the entirety of the exterior AC unit and are generally secured to the unit with elastic or a drawstring.

Why Would You Want an RV AC Cover?

The reason for an RV AC cover is to protect your AC unit from accumulating snow, ice, dirt, debris, dust, and anything else that might damage the AC’s housing or compromise the unit’s functioning over time, including UV rays from the sun.

AC covers can also help dissuade pests from establishing nests inside your AC housing and protect it from falling tree branches (at least small ones!) or sap that inevitably falls from trees.

A cover can also offer some insulation benefits in very cold weather.

AC unit on roof of RV

RV AC covers can offer protection from the elements as well as from pests.

Does My RV Need a Particular Type of RV AC Cover?

Rooftop RV AC units are fairly standard for the most part. As a result, many RV AC covers offer a universal fit.

With regard to materials, your RV doesn’t require a particular type of cover material, but you can consider your options and choose a certain material based on your preferences regarding the ability of some materials to offer better protection than others.

Obviously, if you have a window AC unit as opposed to a roof unit (not especially common, we know!), you’ll need a cover of different size and shape, but the options for materials will likely be similar.

What Are the Best RV AC Covers?

Following are five good RV AC covers worth considering for anyone with a rooftop AC unit (or 2 or 3 of them)!

Camco 45392 Vinyl Air Conditioner Cover

Camco, a longtime provider of camping and RVing gear, offers vinyl RV AC covers for a number of different AC unit brands. This cover provides protection for Dometic and Coleman AC units, and you’ll want to be sure to select the appropriate brand when ordering.

These vinyl RV AC covers offer inexpensive protection for your very expensive AC unit.

Camco’s covers have a drawstring at the open end of the cover that cinches closed around the base of the AC unit for a secure fit.

Note that Camco specifically suggests not operating the RV with the cover installed (advice we’d say applies to ALL RV air conditioner covers, wouldn’t you?).

Reviewers highly recommend this cover and especially appreciate its waterproof quality as well as its durability, even in high winds.

Camco 45399 Vinyl Air Conditioner Cover (Fits Dometic Brisk II White)
  • Fits Dometic Brisk II models
  • Locking draw cord ensures a perfect fit

ADCO 3026 White Size 26 RV Air Conditioner Cover

ADCO’s 3026 RV AC cover is made of jersey-backed vinyl with a parachute-style pull cord.

This cover, too, has an excellent review history from RVers who have used the product with good success.

Note that this is a size 26 cover. Some reviewers stated that the cover didn’t quite cover their entire AC unit, so you’ll want to be sure to note the brand and size of your AC unit to make sure this is the appropriately sized cover for your use. (Dimensions are 26“ wide x 13” deep x 37” long.)

ADCO 3026 White Size 26 RV Air Conditioner Cover
  • ADCO Air Conditioner Covers : Protect your rooftop air conditioner while not in use; White Vinyl
  • Heavy duty jersey backed vinyl protects against airborne contaminates and UV

Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Air Conditioner Cover for Dometic Brisk II (White)

Classic Accessories offers this waterproof vinyl RV AC cover specifically targeted to Dometic Brisk II units, though the manufacturer’s notes state: “Fits Dometic Brisk II and all major manufacturer RV air conditioners, product measures 27.5” L x 29” W x 14.5” H.

If you intend to purchase this cover for any RV AC unit other than the Dometic Brisk II, be sure to measure carefully. (Note that we feature Classic Accessories’ cover for Coleman AC units below.)

The interior of this vinyl AC cover is made of a soft, non-scratch backing material offering further protection to your AC’s housing, helping to prevent the fabric from scratching the AC shroud in heavy winds.

One reviewer noted that he drove a short distance with this cover attached and the drawstring pulled tightly, but the cover blew off anyway. He contacted Classic Accessories customer service and was told by their representative that these covers are intended for storage only, so this is something to bear in mind when considering the purchase.

Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Air Conditioner Cover, Dometic Brisk II, White, Heavy-Duty Fabric, Draw Cord Hem, Easy to Clean Vinyl
  • Fits Domestic Brisk II and all major manufacturer RV air conditioners, product measures 27.5”L x 29”W x 14.5”H
  • Vinyl exterior is waterproof, easy to clean, and comes with a soft, non-scratch backing

Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Air Conditioner Cover for Dometic Brisk II (Gray)

This is Classic Accessories Over Drive RV AC cover for the Dometic Brisk II in the gray color. While the quality and features are identical with the exception of the color, the gray version is half the price of the white (at the time of the writing of this post)… so if color isn’t important to you, you can save some money!

Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Air Conditioner Cover, Coleman Mach I, II, III, Mach 3 Plus, Mach 15, Roughneck & TSR (White)

This is Classic Accessories’ Over Drive RV AC Cover for Coleman AC units, although the manufacturer’s note states, “Sized to fit all major manufacturer RV air conditioners”. Once again we recommend measuring your AC unit while noting the dimensions of this product, (41″ long x 27 1/4″ wide x 12 3/4″ high/deep).

Classic Accessories offers a 3-year limited warranty on this cover, but if you’re interested in the warranty of a $28 cover that is exposed to the elements over three years’ time, you’ll probably want to read the fine print on that warranty. Since it’s not a replacement warranty, we’re not sure what exactly the “limits” are.

This product has the benefit of excellent reviews on Amazon, but reviewers again note that AC covers are not intended to be left attached while driving.

Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Air Conditioner Cover, Duo-Therm Brisk Air and Quick Cool, White
  • PROTECT YOUR RV INVES ENT: Looking for more ways to protect your RV? Classic Accessories offers a wide range of RV covers, from travel trailers to...
  • Folds for easy storage

Who Should NOT Buy an RV AC Cover?

If you use your RV year-round (as we do), you likely won’t have a need for an RV AC cover at all.

If you store your rig indoors in a controlled climate, you won’t need an AC cover. For example, when we store our rig temporarily while we travel either domestically or abroad, we usually keep our rig in climate-controlled indoor RV storage, so an AC cover wouldn’t offer us any real benefit.

If you never store your rig outside, in fact, you may not be interested in an AC cover unless you camp in the winter and want to offer your AC unit some protection, and yourself a tiny bit of added insulation from any drafts that could seep through the AC unit into your RV.

Also, anyone who can’t (or chooses not to) get up on the roof of their RV won’t want to deal with an AC cover because you’ll need to get up there to put the cover on, and again to remove it. Unless you’ll have assistance available, you’re unlikely to get much use from an AC cover.

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G. Burch

Sunday 8th of January 2023

So I own 5 RV's and travel the country working. Every Dometic A/C I own the Factory Hard covers have cracked and ended up on the ground.

That's what I thought your article was about.

I wish you would address this lack of using 2% carbon black or some other type of UV blocker on there plastics covers and the GREAT expense = $176+ 10%tax/ replacement cover.

Also Why would I pay $200 for a cover when I can pay $500 for a new a/c that's a 15k BTU and not a dometic.

I'm against govt regulations but the RV industry NEEDS some type of govt oversight or 3rd party QA/qc's and structure it so that can't be fired by the manuf.

The industrial Market -Chemical and petro-chem markets do this all the time on their projs. How do I know. I been doing 35 years.


Sunday 8th of January 2023

Unfortunately, @G. Burch... it seems that many of the RV manufacturers and their suppliers are more interested in their bottom line than the longevity of their products. The RV manufacturers want to keep their costs down, so they put pressure on the suppliers (like Dometic) to lower their cost. And quality (i.e. UV resistance, etc) seems to be the first thing to go. True in MANY industries.

peggy rawley

Sunday 2nd of October 2022

i was the one just asking about the air conditioner cover. I do have LOTS of squirrels

peggy rawley

Sunday 2nd of October 2022

what size air conditioner cover for winterizing do i need for 2011 Forest River Wildcat. Thanks i appreciate anyones help

Gay Camping Enthusiast

Sunday 9th of January 2022

I think it's a good idea, particularly if you intend to store it. Depending on the type of cover it is, I would think it would prevent rats and other rodents from getting inside the RV.


Sunday 9th of January 2022

I think you might have under estimated how motivated mice and rats can be.


Sunday 9th of January 2022

Good point, Jason!

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