I’m not a mathematician, but I’ve learned that RV + Tall + Bald = Headaches. I swear, over the years I’ve hit my head on just about every conceivable low spot on our motorhome. So the last thing I need is our basement doors sagging down, providing yet more targets.

Our basement compartment doors came from the factory equipped with pressurized gas springs. They lift the doors automatically and hold them in place. After more than 10 years, some of the springs have begun to wear out and no longer have enough pressure to hold the doors all the way up.

We replaced all of our weak gas springs with new ones from Hatchlift. As you can see in the video above, replacement is so quick and easy that you have to pay close attention or you’ll miss it!

Not only do they have replacement springs for those of us with factory installations, but they also make complete lift kits for doors not originally equipped with them. This allows anyone to retrofit their motorhome, 5th wheel or travel trailer with self-opening compartment doors like ours.

We love our new springs, so we’re excited to announce that Hatchlift is now offering a special discount to RVgeeks viewers. Simply use the coupon code GEEKS10 when checking out on their website and you’ll get 10% off your entire order of high-quality Hatchlift products.

Visit www.hatchlift.com and enter the
Discount Coupon Code “GEEKS10”
for a 10% discount on your entire order!

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  1. Just a heads up. I tried to order from Hatchlift.com and enter you discount code but it is not allowing it. Just wanted to let you and your viewers know. I had to order gas shocks and only use the folks y’all recommend! Thanks for all you two do! Let the GOOD TIMES ROLL!

    1. Hi Jonathan. Thanks for the heads up! But we just went to the Hatchlift store and tried it by putting a Hatchlift Kit it our cart, and the coupon code worked fine. Are you sure you’re using the GEEKS10 code? If you’re still having troubles, please let us know… Aalong with what specifically you were trying to order, as that might be the sticking point. Thanks!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that Friday I received an email from them finally. It was a response to the message I sent via the website form (which seems to go to sales@hatchlift.com). Not five minutes later I received an email with tracking for the missing parts. No explanation for the delays however.

    Thank you for your quick response!

    1. Hi Michael! That’s great to hear, and we appreciate your letting us know. We’re standing by for our final flight of the day to get back to the RV, and that was good news!

  3. I’m having the same communications problem with Hatchlift. We ordered some springs and brackets from them. They chipped out the order quickly, but when it arrive only the springs were there; the brackets (which I was charged for) were missing. I’ve sent multiple emails and have called their number three times a day for two weeks with no answer. After the first two days it now says the mail box is full, so I can’t even leave a voice mail. If anyone has found a way to get in contact with them I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Hi Michael. We are currently in Panama (just transited the Panama Canal with our friends Jason & Nikki of GoneWithTheWynns), but will be back in civilization this weekend and will reach out to Hatchlift to see what we can find out about what’s going on. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yes, more ummph is what I am looking for; I’m 6’4″ so i need them to stay all the way up and not creep back. I know you can relate! I will place my order today. Thanks again.
    P.S. Nice idea to put the sale info tag on the air compressor on your website. Crazy low price, I jumped on that one.
    Peaceful travels,

    1. Well thank you so much for using our tip jar, John! That was very nice of you. Now we REALLY hope we gave you the right advice! LOL And is that an AMAZING price on the Viair compressor or what?! We did just realize that the sale is only for us Prime members, so we changed the banner to reflect that. Thanks again, and hope you make out okay with both your gas struts and your new compressor. :)

    1. Hi Guys,
      Unfortunately still lacking consistent communication with Hatchlift through e-mails. Please if you can, answer a question I have. Sorry to bother you with this but I want to make sure I am ordering correctly and I don’t think I’m getting my question across to them so they understand. On their website, under replacement springs, STEP 4 are two.coding examples The one on the right says heavier duty springs. I need 15″ springs for the larger Bounder basement doors. My current springs are Attwood with 6mm rods and 15mm body and say 0267N (newtons) on them. I thought perhaps I would upgrade to the heavier duty Hatchlift version but they list two “heavier duty” 15″ springs; one with coding H6 for 6mm rod and 15mm body and 0352N (80lbs force) and an H8, larger 8mm rod and 18mm body but only 0264N (60lbs. force). My confusion is which of these two springs, is really heavier duty? Is it the larger rod/body size or the value of the spring’s force stated in Newtons? All they said was rod/body size and spring force aren’t related. Would I be over doing it to get the larger spring force or should I get the weaker spring but beefier body? Sorry for being so wordy. I know there is some incentive to you if I ever get these ordered so thank you for your help ;-)
      Uncle John

      1. Hi John. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble communicating with HatchLift. Not because we benefit from your purchase, but because we had a good experience with them, and only like recommending the very best companies. We’ll have to keep our eye on this situation to see if this is a chronic problem, so thanks for the heads up.

        That said, their products do seem very good. We think that the only things that truly matter are the length and connection points, which of course have to match exactly, and the force, which can be open to some adjustment. We increased the strength of some of our gas springs that had seemed anemic even before failing to hold the doors all the way up. If you’re interested in increasing the force on some of your struts, we assume it’s for the same reason, so we can speak from 1st hand experience on that front. In our situation, a 20-25% increase was a good thing, making doors stay very firmly up, without being so strong as to require forcing them down.

        If that is the same for you, it sounds like you can get the exact same length, diameter and connection points while increasing from 60 to 80 lbs. That’s our best guess as to what will do the best job, assuming we understood correctly what you were looking to accomplish as far as a slight force increase, but everything else being identical.

        We wouldn’t get hung up on the diameter either way, but it sounds like they sell one in your current diameter anyway. Hope this helps. Please let us know how you make out.

  5. Hatchlift no longer answers their phone when called. They say to send an email, I’ve sent two they’ve never responded. I have some questions about replacement lift Springs for my 2003 Bounder. I would like to do business with them but they’re making it difficult. Do have any suggestions ?

    1. Hi John. Thanks for the heads up about Hatchlift. We tried calling the main number and got the same recording you did. So we reached out to the owner, and left a voicemail, and will report back as soon as we know more.

      1. Thank you. I’m just about ready to put The Beast on the road for the first time. My house here in Reno sold and we close on the 27th. After that I’ve got no choice! First stop Boulder, Colorado for my 40th high school reunion (ouch).

        1. Congrats on your impending departure! Hope you have a blast. We dropped Hatchlift a note last night and just heard back. They apologized if for any reason your e-mails fell through the cracks, and assured me that they respond promptly to all e-mail, and asked if you would please write back to them at sales@hatchlift.com and they will be sure to reply. Please do that, and be sure let us know how you make out.

    1. I added one bracket only. Didn’t work. Upped the total to two brackets. Worked fine. Reduced it to one again. Wouldn’t work. Please contact the company to place your order. It should work for anything and everything on the website. We’ll let them know about the glitch. Sorry for the problem.

  6. Tried to use the discount code and was told “Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it’s usage limit!” Are you aware of any problem or limit you have with Hatchlift.com?

    1. Thanks for letting us know Mike. There should be no limit or expiration date to this code. As a matter of fact, we have another video about installing an entire Hatchlift kit ready and planned for release soon. We’ll forward your note to the company right now, and hopefully they can get it fixed ASAP. Of course we likely won’t hear back from them until Monday with this being Christmas Eve. We’ll let you know the moment we hear back. Sorry for the problem.

      1. Thanks!! I’ve waited this long to keep my head from getting bumped, couple weeks more won’t hurt me. BTW, great videos, all around!!

        1. Hi again Mike, and Merry Christmas! Despite this being Christmas day, the owner of Hatchlift has already replied to my e-mail, and has apparently gotten the code fixed already! That’s the kind of responsiveness we love! Give it a try when you’re ready, and please let us know how you make out. Happy Holidays. :)

          1. Hi,
            Apparently the discount only applies to the kits. I was trying to order just the bracket kit first (for a set of tubes I already had) and the code still didn’t work. Then tried adding a kit and the discount code worked. After trying a few other things, the code only works on the full kits, not their whole web page.
            Thanks and Happy New Year!!

          2. Hi Mike,

            The GEEKS10 discount should apply to your entire order of any products purchased on Hatchlift’s website. I just went in and added a couple of replacement springs to the cart, entered the code and it worked fine.


    1. How do you cover a coach with the sharp corners? I have to smile because this is the same problem that a relative had with some ‘toys’ (boat and camper) a few years back.

      Picture this: A bunch of guys were standing about beside a huge shop filled with several ‘projects’ (vintage truck and cars in various states of restoration) but we were looking at a gravel section of driveway that runs beside the barn/shop.

      As the brain trust (guys with beers) decided how best to securely double tarp the boat & camper one of the ladies walked by and said ‘why don’t you just clean out the garage and put it there?’ And THAT’S why the guys drink alone.

      So I could say ‘just find an empty barn, smiley face, smiley face’, but I’ll just keep quiet and wait for the pros to give you some useful advice.

      Take care,


      P.S. Isn’t this a great site?

    2. Hi Gilbert. Thanks for the nice comment. Being full-timers, we’d suffocate if we covered our RV! LOL Seriously though, we don’t own a cover, so we have no personal experience with this one. Our first instinct would be to cover the sharp corners with something soft, like pool noodles, sliced open and cut into appropriate-sized pieces, then taped into place. There may be other time-tested ideas that we haven’t thought of, and we’d suggest that the best place to find those would be the user forums on iRV2. It’s free to join and post a question at http://irv2.com/forums and there are ton of RVers (and even some RV techs) who are eager to help. Sorry we can’t be of more help on this one, but we hope this steers you toward a good answer. Please let us know what you find out and how you make out.

    3. Gilbert,
      I took several (3) cardboard boxes and cut the corners out. Ending up with 8 “corners” out of each box. I punched holes in the sides and zip tied them to the corners, that had an access to zip tie them or used double faced tape on some of the others (the tape came off relatively easy the next Spring with a little help from mineral spirits). We’ve had the cover for 3 years now and not one rip!!!

  8. Having a compartment door dragging on my back is very annoying! I’ve replaced four of my gas springs in the past year, and now I need another one, so thanks for the “GEEKS10” code. It might seem sensible to replace all of them when the first one goes, but others seems to never wear out.
    Thank you for another wonderful and good-spirited video!

  9. Oh how funny…
    I was remounting our battery in the front compartment on our 5th wheel this afternoon, and I hit the top of my head!! Scraped a good bit of skin off:( Ouch!!

    My door is fine, but I will feel this for a few days…

  10. Time to wear a hard-hat with some cool RV stickers on it. So when you do bang your head on something low it would not hurt.

  11. Another short but sweet video. This is one of those may-never-need-but-will-be-good-to-know tips.

    Your information and links are becoming a ‘must-haves’ for RV’ers.

    Take care,


  12. Great video! Thanks. It really is that easy. After banging my head numerous times, I replaced the most used ones this spring. I need a couple more, so I’ll check out Hatchlift! Thanks!

  13. What great information!! I don’t (yet) have an RV, but when I do get one, this info will come in handy!!!

    1000 Thanks!!


    (PS, I’ve already made one small purchase from M4 LEDS, with more on the way!! Discounts rock!)

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