We’re often asked “What’s the very best-possible RV-buying situation?” We always answer that a 1-owner used rig, with good maintenance records, used full-time, purchased directly from a meticulous, original owner, is the best scenario.

UPDATE: Nina & Paul were able to sell their RV in time for their European departure… so “the Beast” is no longer available!

It just so happens that a very special rig, well-known to the RV community, has just come on the market. Since this RV is owned by dear personal friends of ours, and someone is going to get their hands on this unique rig, we wanted to make our viewers aware of it.

Congratulations to Nina & Paul of WheelingIt on their exciting decision to move to Europe! Even though their home is on wheels, they can’t take it with them, as the infrastructure there isn’t designed to handle a 40′ rig. But their loss will be someone else’s gain.

We’ve talked about the following RV-buying benefits many times:

A used rig has already gone through its steepest depreciation, and long since had its “punch list” items addressed. Paul & Nina’s 2008 Holiday Rambler is now right in that “sweet spot” age-wise… old enough to be done with major depreciation, but young enough to have many years of quality life left.

A private sale not only eliminates dealer mark-up, but also puts the buyer in direct touch with the person who knows more about the rig than anyone else (ditto the “one owner” benefit, since only the original owner knows EVERYTHING that’s ever been done to the rig).

And the benefit of buying from a full-timer is the lack of “lot rot” that can plague rigs that sit for too long. That’s especially true when the owner knows to exercise the chassis and generator on a regular basis, as Nina & Paul do.

When you toss in an RV that’s been highly upgraded with a stellar solar array & lithium battery bank (we’re seriously jealous of their setup), and lots of other goodies that only an experienced full-timer would likely recognize as “must-have” features, you’ve got the potential for a real “cherry” (the opposite of a “lemon” in used car parlance).

Now add in one final almost-impossible-to-find factor: the rig is owned, featured and publicly used and maintained by a well- known and well-respected couple who have shared every intimate detail of that RV’s life and times… and you have what might just be one of the most desirable used rigs ever to come on the market. The only one that might equal it, for many of the same reasons, is our own 2005 Newmar Mountain Aire. But that one’s not for sale (yet!), so some lucky person had better grab this amazing Holiday Rambler fast!

Of course we can’t personally vouch for the condition of “The Beast” (Paul & Nina’s name for their rig), but what we can vouch for is their integrity. If you’ve followed their blog for long, you’ve surely picked up on their attention to detail and their candor. We can tell you that behind the scenes, when they’re not blogging or on YouTube, they’re the same marvelous people, as honorable as the day is long.

So if you’re in the market for a motorhome (or if you weren’t, but now realize that sometimes opportunity knocks unexpectedly), now might be the time to make your move. View all the details, including several videos, on Nina & Paul’s website: Our Holiday Rambler 2008 40PDQ Is For Sale!