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The RV Gutter: Does It Do Its Job Or Does It Need Some Help?

The RV Gutter: Does It Do Its Job Or Does It Need Some Help?

Most RVs come with gutters installed along the length of the roof radius, designed to catch and divert water as it rolls off the roof. RV gutters direct water to the front or back of the RV, keeping it from pouring onto you… or, onto your windows which can cause streaking and could even create a moisture issue inside your RV in some cases. 

Also, if RV gutters are doing their job, they’ll help to keep dirt and water from creating nasty RV black streaks down the sides of your RV over and over and over again.

There are a couple of issues, though.

First, many older rigs don’t have RV rain gutters, and some newer RVs have gutters that could really use an upgrade because they’re not substantial enough.

And second, RV gutter spouts (as they come from the factory) are often too short, so they don’t divert the water far enough away from the rig (effectively undoing their one and only purpose in life!).

Fortunately, RV gutter extensions (or spout extensions) are commonly available and are a very easy DIY upgrade. (We’ve got ’em ourselves, in fact!)

So, the topic of today’s post is an easy DIY project or two that’ll improve a number of issues outside (and maybe even inside) your RV.

Let’s dive right in!

What If My RV Doesn’t Have an RV Gutter?

RV gutters (also referred to as drip rails) can be added to most RVs, generally using screws or adhesive.

This screw-on type of RV gutter attaches to the RV wall along the roofline using butyl tape or something similar and stainless steel screws. Some (like the ones below) have a vinyl insert that hides the screws.

The flexible drip rail is made of powder-coated aluminum and is rust-resistant.

This particular product comes in white or black and in a variety of different lengths:

RecPro RV Rain Gutter Trim | Black or White Color Trim Options | Trim Pieces 92" Length | Aluminum | Made in The USA | Kit (20 Feet, White)
  • The gutter drip rail protects you against the elements by catching this water runoff and controlling it, leading it to an out of the way location....
  • The locally made powder-coated aluminum is rust-resistant and flexible and when you pair that with the stainless-steel screws included with the kit,...

You may also choose to add an RV gutter that attaches to your rig with adhesive. These are literally peel-and-stick gutters that are applied along the roofline (or windshields).

With this type of application, it’s very important that you properly prepare the RV surface before attempting to apply the adhesive. Users report excellent long-term adherence as long as the surface has been well-cleaned prior to application.

To clean the surface thoroughly, use some rubbing alcohol and water on a rag. Cleaning the surface so that it’s free of dust, dirt, oils, etc. will allow the adhesive to stick well and remain stuck for a long period of time.

Be sure to dry the surface with a clean cloth (and wait for it to completely dry) prior to adhering the gutter to the RV.

When applying this type of RV gutter, you want to only remove the amount of the adhesive backing that’s necessary to apply the piece you’re currently working on. Remove the backing as you go. Work slowly, and press very firmly with your hand or a smooth tool as you adhere the gutter to the RV. This will help to ensure a good bond, and will result in an RV gutter that stays in place longer.

Essential Products BL01002 Black 10' EZE RV Gutter
  • The package length is 4.318 centimeters
  • The package height is 32.004 centimeters
Esssentials UW01004 Polar White 10' EZE RV Gutter
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Model Number: UW01004

There are many options available for adding an RV gutter or drip rail to the roofline of your RV (or above your windshield if desired). This is an easy DIY project for anyone who is comfortable working on a ladder.

But sometimes RV gutters require an extension. That’s where the next DIY project comes in…adding an RV gutter spout.

What’s an RV Gutter Extension or Gutter Spout?

An RV gutter extension (or gutter spout) diverts the water further out from the side of your RV to one particular area at the front or back of your RV.

The image at the top of this post is a photo of one of our RV gutter extensions.  Here’s the other:

A gutter extension (gutter spout) on the end of The RVgeeks' motorhome

We added these gutter extensions to the ends of our RV gutter to allow water to be diverted further out from the side of the RV.

Adding an RV gutter extension allows the water to be diverted further away from the RV. Adding a gutter spout to each end of your RV’s existing gutter is an easy DIY project for anyone who is comfortable working on a ladder.

RV gutter extensions/gutter spouts can be used to replace gutter spouts that are too short (i.e. the ones that came from the factory just aren’t diverting the water far enough away from the side of the RV) or they can be installed on RVs that don’t have any gutter spouts at all on the drip rail.

Some gutter spouts simply snap in place. Other versions (like the ones below) slide under your existing gutter and then a screw goes through the gutter and the gutter spout, connecting the two and securely locking the gutter spout to the gutter.

Camco RV Gutter Spouts With Extensions
  • Directs rainwater away from the sides of your RV
  • One-piece spout with extensions

RV gutter spouts or extensions are an easy way to divert the flow of water away from your RV. Whether it’s to keep your RV cleaner, to keep water away from you as you enter/exit your rig, or to prevent moisture from accumulating around your RV windows.

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Friday 25th of November 2022

The gutter spouts mentioned do a good job, but there is another one one the market that I use not and it does a great my opinion. If allowed, here is a link to the website for the product. The company name is Dragonfly2.


Saturday 3rd of December 2022

Thanks for sharing your positive experience, Howard!

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