RV Heating Options: PROS & CONS

Not sure whether to fire up your furnace or plug in the portable heater? Is it too cold to run your heat pumps? Will your plumbing freeze if you make the wrong choice? Will you freeze if you make the wrong choice?

This video takes a detailed look at the most common types of RV heat and the pros & cons of each. If you like to start the camping season early and end it late, or just buck the trend and head for a cold climate, these tips will help you sort through the benefits and limitations of the most common RV heating choices.

Depending on the temperature and how spend most of your time RVing (boondocking or hooked up… and if so, how many amps), the best heating solutions will vary. We’ll cover which heating systems help keep moisture and condensation down and which add to it… which systems are the quietest… which use lots of electricity or propane… or very little. We’ll let you know which choices are good for boondocking and which will save you money when power is included in your campground fees.

We have lots of heating options on our rig and we use them all at one point or another, depending on the situation. This overview of the good, the bad and the ugly of RV heating systems will sort out the benefits and drawbacks of each choice.

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