Dumping your RV’s black and gray tanks might seem like a no-brainer, but we can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen people who could use a little help with the basics. Properly dumping your RV’s holding tanks requires a few simple procedures to help keep things odor-free and running smoothly.

For everyday tank dumping, this video is the “express version” of our original “How To Dump & Clean an RV Black Tank.” If your black tank really needs a super cleaning, you can watch the original, more detailed video here:

How To Dump & Clean an RV Black Tank

If you’re not having tank odor problems and just want a quick overview of basic tank dumping procedures, this new video gets right to the point.

Many RVers seem to think their black tank is clean when they just empty it and flush out the sewer hose with water from the gray tank. Even those RVers who use a black tank flush system often don’t utilize the most important piece of equipment necessary for monitoring the cleanliness of the tank: a clear sewer elbow.

But using a clear sewer elbow on your camper isn’t enough. As we demonstrate, even a black tank flush connection still won’t do the job unless used correctly. We’ll show you how to be sure your black tank is really empty, keeping it clean & odor-free and making your motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel a nicer place to be.

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