🔌 Widening the Battery Tray - RV Lithium/AGM Battery & Electrical System Upgrade - Part 2 ⚡️

In Part 2 of our battery & electrical upgrade project, we’ll be removing the battery tray, getting it cut in two and welded back together… just a little wider. While the Xantrex e-GEN lithium battery is over 100 lbs lighter than the four AGM house batteries it will replace, it’s about 3″ wider.

Newmar had the tray designed to fit the 6 batteries that came with our RV – two chassis (engine/start) batteries and four deep-cycle “house” batteries. Luckily for us, the opening into the battery compartment is wider than the tray. So we’ll be taking it to a welder to enlarge it as much as possible, filling the entire compartment.

Well, actually, we’ll be cutting off the end of the compartment itself, and enlarging that as well, to fill the entire opening. That will give us enough space to fit both the new Xantrex e-GEN lithium battery, the two Full Throttle batteries, made by Fullriver (which are the exact same size as the flooded lead-acid batteries they’re replacing) AND the BMS (battery monitoring system) for the e-GEN.


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Thanks to all of the fine companies that are participating in this project for providing the expertise, equipment and service required to get this big job done.

Stay tuned as our exciting project unfolds!

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