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To Name, Or Not to Name Your RV: Fun Topic or Heated Debate?

To Name, Or Not to Name Your RV: Fun Topic or Heated Debate?

To name or not to name — that is the question. We’re having a little fun with today’s post, but for some travelers, the topic of RV names is a fairly serious one. There seems to be a bit of a debate about whether or not RVs should be named at all. Yachts are named, and motorhomes are sometimes referred to as “land yachts,” so what the heck?

In this post, we’ll take a quick look at what all the fuss is about and then throw out 101 ideas for RV names to get your creative juices flowing. In the end, we’d most like to know where you fall in the “debate” and why, the name of your rig (if it has one), and any ideas you may have for fellow RVers looking to give their rigs a name. And if you fall on the “Naming an RV is a little douchy” side of things, let us know that too!

Life can get pretty serious at times, so let’s talk about something light for a few minutes. 😊

Should RVs Be Named?

Lots of people name their RVs and we understand why. An RV is something we grow to cherish. It takes us to amazing places and on fantastic adventures and carries us along as we make great memories. It’s like a friend (or, when misbehaving, a foe)!

But there’s also a camp of people who don’t name their RVs and we happen to be among them. Not that we have a specific objection to the practice of naming an RV. We’ve just tended to call our rigs by some version of the names they were given by the manufacturer. So, for example, we generally referred to our beloved Newmar either as “the Newmar” or “the Mountain Aire.” Maybe we’re just not all that creative.

John’s mom, on the other hand, had a name of sorts for our rig. She always referred to our 43′ diesel pusher motorhome as “the van” or “the trailer.” 😂 We didn’t have the heart (or the need) to correct her, but it always made us laugh a little. 🤭

Here’s our Newmar Mountain Aire, still reflecting the scenery after 18 years on the road full-time. We recently sold it, but did we miss our chance to name it something other than “The Newmar” or “The Mountain Aire”?

But many people have taken great pride in naming their RVs just as sailors take pride in naming their vessels. RV names can be serious, a clever play on words, or just plain funny. In general, though, every RV name likely means something special to its owner.

101 RV Names

Let’s run through the alphabet and see what we can come up with for “campy” RV names, meaningful RV names, funny RV names, and just plain “whatever-spills-out-of-the-alphabet” RV names. Keep in mind that these are just random ideas that might lead to an epiphany for someone searching for the perfect RV name.

  1. Adventure Abode
  2. Bold Basecamp
  3. Cozy Camper
  4. Dreamy Domicile
  5. Epic Escape
  6. Friendly Flat
  7. Gleaming Getaway
  8. Humble House
  9. Inspired Innovator
  10. Jovial Joint
  11. Kind Kamp
  12. Lively Lodge
  13. Marvelous Mobile
  14. Nifty Nook
  15. Outstanding Outpost
  16. Practical Palazzo
  17. Quaint Quarters
  18. Relaxing Roost
  19. Sunny Sanctuary
  20. Terrific Traveller
  21. Unique Unit
  22. Vibrant Villa
  23. Wonderful Wagon
  24. Xtraordinary Xplorer
  25. Yearning Yacht
  26. Zen Zone

We made it through the entire alphabet! That was just enough fun that we’re willing to try it again. Can we find 26 more alphabetized RV names? Let’s go, but don’t judge us! 🫣🤭

  1. Amazing Adventure
  2. Brilliant Bus
  3. Charming Caravan
  4. Daring Dwelling
  5. Elegant Estate
  6. Fantastic Frontier
  7. Graceful Guesthouse
  8. Happy Haven
  9. Imagin’ Inn
  10. Jubilant Journey
  11. Kosmic Konvoy
  12. Lovely Lair
  13. Mellow Manor
  14. Nomadic Nest
  15. Open Oasis
  16. Pleasant Pod
  17. Quick Qube
  18. Radiant Residence
  19. Stylish Station
  20. Tranquil Trailer
  21. Uplifting Utopia
  22. Vivid Vehicle
  23. Wonderful Wagon
  24. Xenial Xanadu
  25. Youthful Yurt
  26. Zestful Zoomer

We suppose that when you look at the 52 names we arrived at, you can better understand why we referred to our big rig as “the Newmar” or “the Mountain Aire.” 😜 With that said, lots of RVers have come up with meaningful or whimsical names for their land yachts, and we’ve heard some great ones over the years.

A Class C RV named "Walden's Way" cruising down the road

Oh, we like this bonus idea! “Walden’s Way” probably takes its owners off the beaten path to camp in tranquil locations, our favorite way to camp!

Here are a dozen more RV names to spark your imagination:

  1. The Blissful Nomad
  2. Explorer’s Escape
  3. The Freedom Wagon
  4. The Infinite Roamer
  5. Oasis On Wheels
  6. The Pioneer Palace
  7. The Roadtrip Rig
  8. Our Quest Quarters
  9. The Sunset Seeker
  10. Voyager Van
  11. Expedition Express
  12. Quaint Quest

We’re working our way quickly to 100 names (101 if we include “Walden’s Way” from the photo above!), so we figure we might as well push onward!

  1. The Adventure Cruiser
  2. The Blissful Retreat
  3. Cozy Caravan
  4. The Dream Explorer
  5. Freedom Voyager
  6. Grand Nomad
  7. Happy Camper
  8. Infinite Journey
  9. Joyful Roamer
  10. Kinetic Wanderer
  11. Lively Mobile
  12. Majestic Motorhome
  13. Nomadic Haven
  14. Open Road Oasis
  15. Peaceful Traveler
  16. Adventure Awaits
  17. Rolling Residence
  18. Serene Sojourner
An RV named "The Cozy Camper" rolling down the road

This might not be our first choice, but the point is to give the rig a name that feels right to YOU… or no name at all.

Another 18 and we’ll be at 101 ideas. We’re challenging ourselves now. We’ll have to resort to rigs named after their owners for the final 18, but again, don’t judge us — we wanna see your suggestions, too! 😅

  1. Alexander’s Adventure
  2. Betty’s Bungalow
  3. Caleb’s Camper
  4. Derla’s Drifter
  5. Ethan’s Expedition
  6. Fiona’s Fleet
  7. Gabriel’s Getaway
  8. Harper’s Home-on-Wheels
  9. Ivan the Itinerant
  10. Jasmine’s Journey
  11. Kevin’s Kruiser
  12. Laura’s Lodging
  13. Max’s Mobile
  14. Natalie the Nomad
  15. Owen’s Oasis
  16. Penelope’s Palace
  17. Quincy’s Quest
  18. Ruby’s Retreat

What Are Your Ideas For RV Names?

Okay, we’ve worn out our RV naming welcome here and we’re exhausted. Where do you fall on the “to name or not to name an RV” debate? We’d love to know. For those of you who have named your rigs, please share your RV names or any funny RV names you’ve seen or heard in your travels.

Finally, here’s a little secret about our new Outdoors RV Creekside 19MKS. While we’ve never named either of our previous RVs, John did have an idea that made us both laugh. Since he’s a Doctor Who fan, and our new RV seems so small on the outside and so large on the inside, he tossed out the idea of naming it “The Tardis.” What do you think?

The Tardis from Doctor Who is like our RV - small on the outside and huge on the inside!

Are there any other Doctor Who fans out there? For the uninitiated, The Tardis is a device that travels through both time and space that’s very small on the outside, like a phone booth, and huge on the inside. That’s how our new Outdoors RV camper feels to us, so maybe we’ll finally be naming an RV?

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Gay Tacoma (Washington) Travel Enthusiast

Sunday 2nd of June 2024

Although hardly a motorhome, I have a name for my vehicle. I have a 2018 Mazda CX-5 I call the "Silver Fox", due to its silver exterior colour.

Eric Wooten

Friday 24th of May 2024

We recently purchased a 2017 Fleetwood Bounder. As I drove away from the lot, Snoop Dog; What's My XXXX XXXX Name came on followed by Beyonce, Say my Name Say my name. I felt like it was telling me something, so we decided to name her Sugar Bear. The previous story is fiction except for the name.


Wednesday 15th of May 2024

I named my 1992 gas guzzling 30’ Southwind the ‘Piglet’.

Gay Tacoma (Washington) Travel Enthusiast

Thursday 16th of May 2024

@TheRVgeeks, I like it.


Wednesday 15th of May 2024

Love that... and the "Winnie the Pooh" connection! 🐷

Eddie Montero

Wednesday 15th of May 2024

We named our Class A, Popeye. When we bought it, Popeye had a malfunctioning left head light and it looked as if it was "winking" at us. We are retired Navy and that was all of the connections we needed. The must famous "winking" Sailor of them all... Meet Popeye!!! The name stuck and now that is how we refer to our RV. Cheers!!! P.S. Yes, we have fixed the "winking" issue of course.


Tuesday 14th of May 2024

My wife never liked taking road trips. When I mentioned that I would like to buy an RV and go traveling, she mentioned that it might be nice to have it to freshen up in when traveling between one hotel/motel to another. Now that she passed, I bought a Grech Turismo Ion based on the Sprinter chassis. It is only 19 feet but perfect for me alone. So, in reference to her comment, I named it "Motel California" but use it mainly for boondocking.

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