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Components of a DIY RV Outdoor Shower Kit

Components of a DIY RV Outdoor Shower Kit

We recently published a post asking the question, “Is an RV Outdoor Shower Worth Having?” For many, it’s well worth having, but an outdoor shower didn’t come standard on their RV. Others are working on a self-built rig and would like to install an outdoor shower. So, today we’re taking a look at the components of a DIY RV outdoor shower kit, and what might be needed to get yourself an outdoor shower if you’re interested in doing so.

Can I Add an Outdoor Shower To My RV?

You absolutely can add an outdoor shower to your RV, and there are a few different ways to accomplish this.

You can fashion a DIY shower using a portable outdoor shower kit which essentially is a hose and showerhead with a little submersible pump on one end. That pump end goes into a bucket of water (which you may want to heat) and is pumped through to the showerhead which you’ll suction onto the side of your RV.

Then there’s the gravity-fed outdoor solar shower which uses a dark-colored bag that you fill with water and heat in the sun. A hose and showerhead are attached to the bag and the bag is hung on the roof of your RV (or on a tree branch or some other high point) and the “solar shower” delivers the water to your showerhead.

Those are a couple of portable options for outdoor showers.

You can also have an outdoor shower installed on your RV and plumbed into your rig’s water system. This will allow you to use the outdoor shower just as you would the indoor shower – only outside. For this or any other type of outdoor shower, you’ll want to fashion some sort of privacy enclosure if you intend to use the outdoor shower to bathe in areas that aren’t entirely secluded (seriously… YOU may be fine with stripping down to shower outdoors, but your neighbors may not be so thrilled ????).

The ability to wash pets outside is a great advantage of an RV outdoor shower.

RV outdoor showers can be very useful – to wash pets, rinse sandy toys, wash muddy shoes, and to bathe, of course. If your RV doesn’t have an outdoor shower, you can add one DIY-style.

Can You Replace an RV Outdoor Shower?

If you have an outdoor shower on your RV and it doesn’t work, you certainly can replace it. There are kits that can be swapped out with your non-working outdoor shower, and they include all the components necessary to get your outdoor shower working again.

Even so, you may want some sort of privacy enclosure and a few other items for comfort and convenience if you intend to bathe outdoors.

Let’s take a look at the components of a DIY RV outdoor shower kit, and we’ll highlight a few kits at the end of the post.

What Are the Components of a DIY RV Outdoor Shower Kit?

If you’d like to construct a DIY RV outdoor shower kit, you’ll need several items to set it up to give you a comfortable showering experience.

Locking Shower Box

A shower box is a small unit that’s housed on the side of your RV. Generally, it contains your showerhead & hose, and your hot & cold taps. Shower boxes are usually closed and locked when not in use to keep them free from tampering.

Note that if you’re replacing an RV outdoor shower that’s housed in a water bay, you won’t need a locking shower box (or any type of box for that matter). In this case, you’ll only need to replace the hot & cold taps/knobs and your shower hose and showerhead/wand.

Outdoor Shower Enclosure/Stall

If you’re going to bathe outdoors and you won’t always be in complete seclusion, you’ll want some sort of stall or enclosure to give yourself reasonable privacy.

You can either create a DIY stall using lengths of PVC pipe & fittings along with a shower curtain, or you can use one of many good options for pop-up shower tents. Most feature a single stall, though there is a model that goes all out, offering you a changing room beside your shower room (for the latter, you’ll want to be sure you have sufficient room to use it and to store it when not in use).

We linked to these and other components in our previous post on outdoor showers, but we’ll re-link them here just to offer a visual as you’re reading:

WolfWise 6.6FT Portable Pop Up Shower Privacy Tent Spacious Dressing Changing Room for Toilet Camping Biking Beach
  • Pop Up & Easier Access: Automatically pops up in seconds, no assembly required. Fold up this lightweight tent effortlessly and compactly into the...
  • UV Protection & Water-repellent: The waterproof polyester fabric in black with silver coating keeps the inner shelter dry and protects you from 98% of...
KingCamp Oversized Camping Shower Tent, Portable Privacy Shelter with Floor, 1 or 2 Room Options, for Outdoor Showers, Changing, Dressing, and Toilets
  • 【LARGE SPACE】2 rooms, the shower tent size (83''× 42''× 83'') is large enough for two adults; shower tent packaged size: 23''× 7.8'' × 7.8'',...
  • 【EASY SET UP】Easy assembly with pole clips that quickly snap over the poles; You will install it very easily with 4 steel poles, 5 fiberglass...

Shower Curtain

If you decide to create your own shower enclosure using PVC pipe or other structural components, you’ll want a shower curtain that will wrap around the completed enclosure.

Be sure to choose a curtain that’s wide enough to wrap all the way around the enclosure you build. Shower curtains like these are widely available in lengths and widths that should be suitable. Here’s an example:

Extra Wide Shower Curtain Liner 108 x 72, Waterproof Heavy Duty Clear Vinyl Shower Liner for Bathroom and Bathtub, 18 Plastic Hooks
  • 100% PEVA Waterproof: No more slippery wet floors.This shower liner is made of PEVA, which is 100% waterproof and protects your bathroom floors free...
  • 3 Weighted Magnets: Heavy duty PEVA with 3 Magnets at bottom help to keep the liner in place and reduce billowing; Water and soap will glide right off...

Upgraded Shower Head

If you decide to purchase a standard RV outdoor shower kit to retrofit onto your RV, or to replace your current RV outdoor shower, you may not find the standard showerhead satisfactory. They tend to be weak, especially when you’re boondocking, so upgrading your showerhead may be something you’ll want to do eventually.

If so, the Oxygenics showerheads get excellent reviews for increased pressure using less water. Or check out our Best RV Showerheads to Save Water While Boondocking post for other options.

PRO TIP: If the upgraded showerhead that you choose doesn’t fit into the shower box for storage, you can put a quick-connect fitting on the end of the showerhead and simply pop it in when you intend to use the outdoor shower.

Oxygenics 26488 BodySpa RV Handheld Shower, Modern Style, 60-Inch Hose, Non-Stick Finish, 2 Settings, Limited
  • Powerful Oxygenic setting amplifies existing water pressure and widens coverage
  • Easily control the flow of water with the push of a button. This results in more pressure, less water use, and more savings.

Another great, self-contained option for an outdoor shower (that doesn’t require you having an exterior shower built into your RV) is the Geyser Portabl Shower System.

Cedar, Teak, or Bamboo Floor Mat

If you’re showering outside, a raised mat under your feet is an absolute must. Otherwise, your shower will create mud beneath your feet… and no one wants to stand in muddy water while bathing (sort of defeats the whole purpose, right?).

Cedar, teak, or bamboo floor mats work best. Just be sure to grab one of the larger-sized mats if you intend to bathe a larger dog.

Utoplike (24"x18") Teak Wood Bath Mat, Shower Mat for Bathroom, Wooden Floor Mat Square Large for Spa Home or Outdoor
  • Upgrade Your Classy Bathroom - Premium teak bath mat looks much beautiful than other material made bathtub floor mats. Reddish brown wooden color and...
  • Luxury A Grade Teak Wood with Lacquer Finish - The 24"L x 18"W x 1.2"H bath mat is made of teak wood, only A grade teak made wooden bathroom mat...

Magnetic or Suction Cup Shower Caddy

When working with a DIY RV outdoor shower kit, you’ll need a convenient place for your showering toiletries. You can either fashion a magnetic hook and hang a toiletry bag on it for easy access, or you can buy a magnetic or suction cup shower caddy similar to this one:

LUXEAR Suction Cup Shower Caddy - No Drilling Removable Shower Shelf - Powerful Suction Shower Organizer Max Hold 22lbs Suction Bathroom Caddy, Waterproof Suction Storage Basket for Bathroom & Kitchen
  • ✅ No Tools Need & 1s Installation - No drilling, No screws, No holes, No glue, No tools to apply the suction shower storage. Our suction bathroom...
  • ✅ Powerful & Removable Suction Shower Caddy - Our suction cup shower caddy can max hold to 22lb/10kg, firmly to the wall for over 1000 days after...

Note: if you opt for a pop-up shower tent, they usually have built-in pockets to hold your showering toiletries. Be aware of this feature when shopping for a pop-up bath tent.

What Are Some of the Best RV Outdoor Shower Box Kits?

If you’re in the market for an RV outdoor shower box kit, here are a few of the best Amazon has to offer. The first two are from Dura Faucet and the third is from RecPro. These should serve to easily replace currently installed outdoor RV showers, but be sure to check measurements to ensure they fit correctly.

If you’re installing an RV outdoor shower kit “from scratch” and it needs to be plumbed into your existing system, you or your professional installer could certainly use a kit like this in addition to other necessary plumbing components.

Dura Faucet DF-SA170-WT RV Weatherproof Exterior Shower Box Kit

Dura Faucet’s DF-SA170-WT exterior shower box kit comes in all-black or all-white. For under $50 you’ll get a complete shower box kit that includes the hot & cold taps with acrylic knob handles, a 60-inch shower hose with a showerhead/wand that has a flow control trickle switch for water conservation (the switch doesn’t turn off the water completely, but it slows the flow to a trickle while maintaining temperature).

The kit mounts into a standard 11” x 6” portal on the side of your RV.

Dura Faucet is an American company offering a lifetime warranty on a majority of its products.

Dura Faucet DF-SA170-WT RV Weatherproof Exterior Shower Box Kit - Lock and Key (White)
  • INNOVATION | Your RV Exterior Shower Box Kit features a Space Saving 90 Degree Swiveling Elbow Connection for all-direction ease, and it also means we...
  • DESIGN | Shower Faucet with 90 Degree Outlet and Acrylic Knob Handles; 60" Shower Hose Includes Shower Wand with Flow Control Trickle Switch (Not...

Note that Dura Faucet also sells just the door of the shower box for those among us who may be dealing with a lost or damaged lockable outdoor shower door.

Dura Faucet DF-SA189-WT RV Exterior Quick Connect Sprayer, Hose, and Spray Box Kit

Also from Dura Faucet, this RV outdoor shower box kit is model DF-SA189-WT. This model has an exterior quick connect sprayer with a 7-setting multi-spray nozzle.

Note that the sprayer has a quick connect mechanism because it’s a different type of shower hose and head than the one included in the DF-SA170-WT model. This hose and sprayer are not intended to be stored inside the shower box. You’ll need to disconnect them and store them separately (this won’t be an issue if you’re using this kit to replace an outside shower in a water bay… for this situation, you can buy just the faucet & sprayer, available on the same Amazon page).

The coiled hose on this Dura Faucet model is 15-feet and the sprayer includes a variety of settings, similar to those found on an outside garden hose adapter head. This makes this showerhead particularly versatile.

Dura Faucet DF-SA189-WT RV Exterior Quick Connect Detachable Sprayer, Hose, Port, and Spray Box Kit (White)
  • FEATURES | This sprayer has an ultra-tight seal,15-foot coiled hose, and features a range of settings including shower, 1-in-2, jet, soaker, flat,...
  • DESIGN | This kit has been designed for a quick no-hassle connection between the sprayer hose and water source. The spray box mounts flush to remain...

RecPro RV Exterior Shower Box Kit

RecPro’s RV outdoor shower kit comes in white or black and has a 51” vinyl hose with showerhead and acrylic hot & cold taps/knobs. The cover is lockable.

This kit is very inexpensive despite its positive reviews from the largest majority of verified buyers.

Is Adding An Outdoor Shower to an RV Worth It?

You probably get tired of us saying this, but yet again, whether an outdoor shower is worthwhile for you depends entirely on how you use your RV and whether you find yourself interested in rinsing or washing off pets, hiking shoes, children’s toys, bikes, surfboards, yourself, etc. outside your RV. We do use our RV’s outdoor shower and find it convenient, despite the fact that we don’t travel with children or pets.

Depending on your style of RVing, you may find an outdoor shower useless – or indispensable!

We welcome you to check out our post entitled “Is an RV Shower Worth Having?” for further details.

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James G Christian

Sunday 26th of December 2021

What does one do about the waste water, {gray water} ?


Sunday 26th of December 2021

Hi James! When using the outdoor shower for anything other than rinsing things off (such as using soap to wash something), you should only use biodegradable soap, since it’s being used outdoors and will of course run onto the ground.

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