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Get an RV Pet Fence and Bring Fido Along for the Ride!

Get an RV Pet Fence and Bring Fido Along for the Ride!

RVing is fantastic on so many fronts, not the least of which is the wonderful opportunity to travel with your pets. There are some things that help to make pets and pet owners more comfortable when traveling and camping. Today we’re looking at an item that can help to keep your pet safe outside your rig – the RV pet fence.

So, toss a treat over to your canine and feline besties, and let’s get right to it!

What is the Purpose of an RV Pet Fence?

While there are a number of good reasons to have an RV pet fence, the primary reason is pet safety. Whether your pet needs to get a little exercise or stay cool relaxing outside of the RV on a summer day, having a safe space at the campsite isn’t just important – it’s imperative.

A portable pet fence is a great way to offer your pets a space of their own – outdoors – while keeping them safe from harm.

Inside a pet fence, your pets can be off-leash and enjoy the outdoors while remaining safe in an enclosed space.

Things to Consider When Buying an RV Pet Fence

When shopping for an RV pet fence, there are several features that are important to keep in mind. Let’s take a brief look at each of these.


Be sure that the places you plan to travel to allow the use of a pet fence (may require calling ahead). As mentioned in a comment below from Cindy, not all RV parks welcome their use… whether it’s for issues of safety (some parks require dogs to be leashed at all times when outside your RV) or cosmetics (repeated use of a dog fence in an area can trample the grass or make it difficult for park staff to maintain).

So, before spending the money to buy one, you may want to check if your planned destinations allow them at be used.


Another top consideration is the size of the pet fence. You want a compact unit that, when collapsed, will store easily in your RV. But you also want a fence that, when set up, allows your pet to relax and walk around.


Photo of a Golden Retriever sitting between two children at a campsite with an RV in the background

Size is a significant consideration when choosing an RV pet fence. Make sure you’re buying a fence that is tall enough and strong enough to contain your pet, while also allowing plenty of room for comfortable movement.

An RV pet fence needs to be tall enough to keep your pets safe. If you’ve got a large, tall dog, for example, you need to make sure that the height of the pet fence you buy exceeds the height your dog is capable of scaling!

The last thing we want is an RV pet fence from which your pet can escape, because not only could there be danger in the area, your pet is very likely to become disoriented if lost because you’re in an area that is unfamiliar.

So, the height of the fence is a safety feature to which you’ll want to give strong consideration.


Weight is always a consideration for RVers, so on one hand you need to pay attention to the weight of a pet fence because it’s important to keep the weight you’re carrying down.

However, it’s incredibly important that an RV portable pet fence weighs enough that your pet can’t knock it down and escape to chase a squirrel or be subject to some unforeseen danger.


The material from which a pet fence for RVers is constructed not only contributes to your pet’s safety but also ensures that the fence will last.

If your pet fence is made of material that rusts from the moisture of the morning dew, from salt in the ocean air, or from being left out in the rain, then you’ll be replacing that fence before you know it.

You want a durably constructed fence to protect your pets and to last for as long as you want to travel with them.

Popular Pet Fences for RVers

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular pet fences for RVers to carry as they travel with pets who want to enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do.

New World Pet Products B550-24 Foldable Exercise Pet Playpen, Black, Small/24 Inch x 24 Inch

With well over 25,000 excellent reviews on Amazon, this foldable pet fence from New World Pet Products is among the most popular pet fences/playpens on the market.

At 24 inches tall, with an interior space of 62 inches, the unit pictured here is for smaller dogs and cats. (Although we don’t need to tell owners of felines how high some of them can jump!)

But New World also offers a medium fence (30 inches tall), a medium-large fence (36”), a large pen (42”), and an extra-large pen (48”). Following the link below will take you to all of them.

These pet fences have 8 panels that fold together when collapsed. A rust-preventive coating protects the fence from the elements. Ground stakes are included to keep the pen anchored to the ground.

This (small) pet fence weighs just under 17 pounds.

New World Pet Products 24" Foldable Black Metal Dog Exercise Pen No Door
  • Each panel measures 24"W x 24"H, Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen, dog exercise pen measures 62L x 62W x 24H when assembled & folds flat for convenient...
  • Exercise Pen provides 16 square feet enclosed area (1.5 meters) for your dog & other pets

IRIS USA Puppy Playpen Dog Playpen Fence Enclosure with Dog Gate Door – 4 or 8 Panel

The Iris USA Puppy Playpen is a pet fence for RVers that comes with a “doggy door” and is available in either a 4-panel (24” high) or 8-panel (34” high) version. The interior dimension is about 63” in diameter.

The interlocking panels are made from commercial-grade plastic and have non-skid rubber feet, making this RV camping pet fence also safe for indoor use.

More than 17,000 Amazon reviewers chose this pet fence with the vast majority giving it top reviews.

This pet playpen weighs 26.2 pounds.

IRIS USA 34" Exercise 8-Panel Pet Playpen with Door, Dog Playpen, Puppy Playpen, Small Medium Large Dogs, Keep Pets Secure, Easy Assemble, Rust-Free, Heavy-Duty Molded Plastic, Customizable, White
  • MADE IN USA - Our exercise playpen with door for pet is excellent for dog play yards, play gates, as a small dog fence. Built with multiple panels and...
  • DURABLE- This playpen is made with durable, heavy-duty molded plastic and ready for playtime both indoors and out. The material is easy to clean and...

Yaheetech 40-Inch 8 Panel Heavy Duty Pet Fence or Playpen

Yaheetech’s pet fences are available with 8, 16, 24, or 32 panels. The panels are 24”, 32”, or 40” tall. Obviously, for RV use, this 8-panel fence might be the ideal size, particularly if your pet is small, although it does weigh quite a bit more than those previously mentioned. All sizes come with a panel that houses a “doggy door.”

The panels are made of high-quality iron with a black or white finish. Increasing the number of panels can allow for a huge pet fence for home use as well.

The 8-panel Yaheetech pet fence weighs 43.6 pounds.

Yaheetech Dog Playpen Outdoor, 8 Panel Fence 40" Indoor Pen for Large/Medium/Small Dogs Animals Heavy Duty Pet Exercise Pen for Puppy/Rabbit Portable Playpen for RV Camping Garden Yard
  • 【Great for Camping】The foldable and portable design of this puppy playpen allows for hassle-free transfer from your residence to your vehicle,...
  • 【Not Just for Dogs】This dynamic and expandable pet fence is not limited to dogs and is suitable for small or medium-sized animals such as toy...

FXW Indoor Outdoor Pet Fence – Eight 40-Inch-High Panels

This 8-panel pet fence is made of heavy-duty metal and is 40 inches tall. However, with the FXW pet fences, you can also opt for many more panels to increase the overall size significantly.

These panels have small floor protector caps making them suitable for indoor use. Stakes and a stake bag are included for outdoor use.

You can get up to 48 panels, and you can also choose the height of the panels, at 24”, 32”, or 40”.

This 8-panel version weighs 44 pounds.

No products found.

PawGiant Indoor Outdoor Pet Fence 16 Panels 24-Inch

This is a 16-panel pet fence with panels that are 24 inches high, though you can also opt for 32”-high panels.

This pet fence is made of heavy-duty metal and weighs 55 pounds. The 16 panels allow for multiple configurations, depending on the space available. The panels have rubber gaskets on the bottom.

This 16-panel pet fence for RVing allows your pets 110 square feet of safe outdoor/exercise space.

PawGiant Dog Fence Playpen 24”/32”/40” Dog Pen Indoor Outdoor for Small/Medium/Large Dogs, Metal Pet Dog Puppy Cat Play Pen Exercise Fencing Gate Crate Cage Outside for RV, Camping, Yard, Garden
  • 【Stable Heavy & Safety】 PawGiant dog fence use up to 55 pounds of heavy metals. Heavy-duty thickened iron metal tube design is more stable and...
  • 【Prevention of escape】PawGiant dog pen is an excellent caretaker. The 24"H height is high enough to prevent escapes. The gravity automatic...

If you’re also looking for an easy way for your pet to access your RV, check out our post on RV dog ramps.

Have You Used a Pet Fence While Traveling in an RV?

If you’ve traveled with an RV pet fence, we’d love to hear about your experience. Drop us a comment and let us know what pet fence is your favorite, and how you like to use it when you’re camping.

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Sunday 9th of June 2024

We show chihuahuas and use x-pens at the show and also when camping between shows. We read the RV Parks rules before booking about using x-pens before booking. Sometimes it's not online but in the handout - no outside pens.

This becomes a problem for us as two of our chihuahuas don't like to potty while on a leash. When we do get stuck at such a location, it takes a long time for them to go. Also, first thing in the morning when they all need to go, it's much easier to put them out in the pen then make each wait their turn for a walk. What is getting to be a huge problem is the two dog limit many locations have.

I hate yappie dogs so ours are always supervised. They are normally only out to take care of business. 90% of the time they are inside crashed on the couch.


Monday 5th of June 2023

We have two little ankle biters and last year when we went threw 5 states all the RV parks we stayed in private and state parks have a seperate doggie park specially designated with fence area water and waste bags including benches or chairs to stay while they roam so no need for fencing.....


Monday 5th of June 2023

In you article on pet fences you didn't make one thing clear: Many parks now to NOT allow pet fences. The reasons are understandable. Pets are supposed to be on 6' leashes held by their owners, NOT loose in a pen. There have been several incidents of unleashed pets jumping the fence and attacking or biting pets/people. Also, people are supposed to be with and supervise their pets, but many people use the fence as a babysitter and go inside while their pets are alone outside. And lastly, confining pets to one area tramples down the grass in that area and can cause damage from pet waste as well. There are major considerations for parks these days. No campground owner wants to be sued because people do not use the fences properly. None of the public campgrounds around us allow them, nor do many private. So please give the other side of the story. It would be sad to see someone spend a lot of money on something they can't use because the parks do not allow it.


Thursday 6th of June 2024

@Cindy, Agree with your comments. Every time we camp and see a pet pen, we hope we’ll not be next to it. Too many dogs left unsupervised, and the dogs, especially the small one are barking regularly every time a vehicle or people go by. The pet owners seem oblivious to the barking. I guess the owners are desensitized to the barking. It’s no wonder so many campgrounds do not allow the pens.


Monday 5th of June 2023

Excellent point, Cindy... thanks for providing that additional info. We've gone ahead and updated the article (crediting your comment, of course!) to reflect that the VERY FIRST THING to consider when looking at pet fences is whether or not they're even allowed at the places you plan to travel to.


Monday 6th of June 2022

Unfortunately I see more and more RV parks not letting you use these. I don't understand why. Guess I should ask. I think it's a great idea. :(:(


Tuesday 7th of June 2022

That's a bummer! Probably has to do with not wanting things staked into the ground... either because of damage to the soil/grass... or because it could puncture/damage something not far under the soil. Or just because have a rule that says "No" is easier than setting up requirements (only so large, only so tall, etc) and enforcing them. ????????

Pat Parker

Monday 6th of June 2022

Jake says thanks for making our pets part of rving.

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