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Although we’ve been full-timing for a really long time, we don’t pretend to know everything. There are so many other great resources, services and informational websites out there. Here are some that we think are really worthwhile.

Mortons On The Move
Tom and Caitlin Morton create an awesome variety of content as they travel full-time in their 5th wheel.

Heath & Alyssa Padgett
 A great resource for people who want to learn ways to travel full-time by working on the road.

Brian & Melissa’s travel, DIY, maintenance and how-to tips.

Getaway Couple
Jason & Rae share their RV tips, cost saving travel secrets, adventures… and laughs!

Drivin’ & Vibin’
Kyle & Olivia Brady are on a mission to live minimally & deliberately, and foster relationships within the RV community.

An adventurous, active, and free-spirited community within the Escapees RV Club .

Follow the adventures of travel writers extraordinaire Jason & Nikki Wynn… now posting from their catamaran, Curiosity.

RV Love
Full-timers Marc & Julie share travel tips for fellow working-age RVers.

Experienced and articulate full-time RVers Nina and Paul cover every aspect of full-time living on their popular blog.

Boondockers Welcome
RV parking on private property. 10% off membership with coupon code “RVGEEKS10“!

We can save more in 1 night than the cost of an annual membership!

Get 15 months of membership for the cost of 12!  Enter “RVgeeks” as the “Name of referring subscriber or blog”!

iRV2 Forums
Crowd-sourced answers to every imaginable RV question.

Coach Net
Roadside assistance for both RV and toad. It’s like AAA for your RV.

Coach Care
The “Cadillac” of maintenance for Cummins diesel-powered RVs.

Cummins Power Club
This might have saved us more than all memberships combined!

The RV Show USA
Alan Warren’s weekly live 2-hour broadcast all about RVing.

Discounts, rallies, magazine and other great services for RVers.

Haven’t gotten your RV weighed yet? It’s important! Do it here.

For adventurous, fun-loving and forward-thinking road trippers.

Funny, inspiring & useful content about mobile living for DIY RVers.


Geeks On Tour
Jim and Chris Guld teach technology to RVers all over the country.

Information from the most popular RV sites, videos, forums & blogs.

Join this large, welcoming community of RVers of every type.


Workers on Wheels
Another great resource for Workampers looking for positions.

RV Basic Training
Operating an RV is easy… when you have an expert teach you how.

A great way to discover, plan, and navigate your next road trip.

Get access to rallies, member discounts, and more! Plus save $10 on your membership with Promo Code “RVGA2

You’ll never again pass a cheaper station right after a fill-up!

Fulltime Families
RVing with your entire family? This is the resource for you.

Looking to upgrade your RV yourself? This is a terrific resource.

RV Travel
Daily & weekly newsletters on every conceivable RV topic.

RV Trip Wizard
Having trouble planning your route? RV Trip Wizard to the rescue!
RV Trip Wizard Logo

Workamper News
Want to work on the road? This is a great resource for Workampers.

Online Learning Resources

Are you just beginning to plan your RVing life, but want to get a head start? Check out these great online resources for learning. There’s everything from advice on how to buy an RV… right on up to learning to full-time… and just about everything in between!

RV Masterclass

Dreaming of RVing, but don’t know where to start? Need help transitioning to Full-Time RV Life? Want to start and run a business from the road? Want to learn about boondocking, RV maintenance, and more advanced RVing techniques? This series of courses will help you master RVing in no time!

Hit The Road RV Summit 2020

The summit brings together over a dozen popular RV lifestyle experts – YouTubers, bloggers, authors, podcasters, DIY-ers, online course instructors, AND some of the top RV industry experts on RV sales, service, and campgrounds. All to help you have a GREAT RV travel experience in 2020 and beyond.

Finding Places To Go

Suggested RV & Travel Blogs

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  1. Saw one or your recent video series on OPB. Lots of valuable ideas. Thanks!
    Do you sell any RVgeeks kits for converting Itasca Class A upswing basement doors to side hinged basement doors?

    1. Post

      Hi George. Glad you liked thee show! Unfortunately, we don’t have anything like what you’re looking for… and haven’t ever heard of something like that being available. Sorry!

  2. Hello I need help with my RV fridge. I have a Norcold 611rt refrigerator that went out. I replaced the motherboard, eyebrow and thermostat :-( when I plugged it in the light on the eyebrow just blinks. the propane or the electric nothing works :-( ….I tried to reset the mother board per the Norcold webpage. still nothing all that happens is it blinks ..can someone help me please…..

    1. Post

      Hi Zina! Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your fridge! From the sound of it, you’ve replaced almost everything, so we’re surprised it’s not working! We only have two recommendations for you:

      1. It may be time to get a certified technician in to look at things, since from what you’ve replaced already, we’re surprised it’s not working. Since RV refrigerators are often the source of ignition for RV fires, we wouldn’t want you to be at risk if something went wrong!
      2. We’d suggest posting your question on the forums over at iRV2.com. They’re free to join, and free to post to, and there are a TON of helpful people… and likely someone with your exact model fridge who may have had the same issue/symptoms, so may be able to point you to a solution.

      Sorry we can’t be of more help, but hope you get this fixed soon!

  3. Hi guys, I really love your insight, videos and have learned so much from your experiences. My husband and I have been full timing for a year now, just recently started a blog WhereRVnowUSA.com and would like to know if it’s OK to add a link your site and youtube channel on our blog since we have learned so much from you. Thank you so much in advance for your response.

    1. Post

      Hi Pamela, and a big congrats on hitting a year of full-timing! You should absolutely feel free to link to our website, plus we make all of our videos embeddable, too. It’s always great to hear we’ve been helpful, so thanks very much for taking time to share that. Safe travels!

  4. Several ideas for videos:
    1) how to clean RV wheels
    2) when boon docking how to keep the refrigerator cool
    3) what mistakes have you made while RVing and how to avoid them
    4) an out-takes video would be interesting and fun

    1. Post
  5. Saw your video about blowing out water lines to winterize in 2014 and I needed the info on all the parts you got through Amazon to attach to your compressor. Thanks

    1. Post

      Hi George! This time of year is when that post gets very timely! https://www.thervgeeks.com/winter-rving/winterizing-rv-water-lines/

      Here’s the components we used, in order of airflow:
      – Viair 400P-RV Air Compressor: http://amzn.to/2nI4dez
      We attached (to the compressor’s air gun) an assembly we created out of three parts, again in order:
      – 1/4-Inch NPT Quick Connect Male Plug: http://amzn.to/2nSs8r0
      – Adjustable Locking Air Pressure Regulator: http://amzn.to/2C24cGl
      – 1/4-Inch NPT Quick Connect Female Plug: http://amzn.to/2sfscpR

      So the male end of that assembly plugs into the Viair gun, leaving the female end available to plug in the final, crucial, component:
      – Blow-Out Plug with Brass Quick Connect: http://amzn.to/2C1xfd8

      The female side of the blow-out plug is a standard garden hose female thread, which you can then connect directly to your RVs water inlet, allowing you to blow air through the system instead of water.

      Hope this helps!

  6. We are considering trading our 1 year old 2015 georgetown XL 377 for a 2011 Winnebago Journey 40U that is 5 years old with 30,000 miles. When can I expect to purchase new tires? I do not believe that there is any weather checking or unusual wear on the tires. We put on 15,000 miles last year on our Georgetown.

    Thanks for any input you have!

    1. Post

      Hi John,

      Well… there are a lot of factors here. First off, you’d want to check the DOT dates on all of the tires on the Winnie. Just because the coach is 5 years old, doesn’t mean the tires are. Manufacturers maintain an inventory of tires, so you can’t assume that the tires that were used when it was being built aren’t older than the coach. And if any of them are newer than the others, you would want to check with the owner to find out why.

      Second… we’d recommend having the current tires inspected by a tire professional. Even if they look good on the outside (little or no cracking on the sidewalls & good tread), there could still be problems with the tires on the inside. Unless you know (and trust) the seller, you really don’t have any idea how these tires were maintained. Did they use petroleum-based products on them? Were they run under-inflated or overloaded? Did they sit out in the sun, unprotected, for long periods of time? A professional inspection should be able to determine what the tires’ current state of health is… and either indicate they need to be replaced now, or still have a few years of life left in them.

      Third, check with the tire manufacturer to see what their recommended lifespan is for the tires on the coach. Michelin now says 10 years is the maximum (i.e. best conditions, never abused and properly cared for) lifespan for their tires. But many tire manufactures recommend just 7. If the tires on the Winnie are already 6 years old, and the max life is 7, do you want to squeeze another year out of them and run the risk of a blowout? Or spring for new tires now so you have the peace of mind of knowing their condition from day one?

      Lots to consider here… but we hope this helps a little. Take it step by step and make the decision that you’re most comfortable with.

    2. Post
    1. Post

      Hi Steve. We assume you’re referring to the seals that keep the slides sealed against weather regardless of whether they’re open or closed. We’ve never had to replace ours, but our guess is that they can be purchased from the manufacturer of your RV, or a dealer that services your brand, or possibly even from Camping World.

  7. Thanks for including CampgroundViews.com in your list. We now have over 2100 campgrounds and RV parks on film plus 10,500+ photographs. Seriously think we have an amazing resource for campers and RVers. Want to see how cool our site is? Search West Yellowstone, MT!

  8. Not previously but on both of two campsites on the same day. I will follow your procedure. Thanks very much.

    1. Post

      Has this ever happened at any other campground? You should start by always turning the pedestal breaker off before plugging in (and before unplugging too). We’d suggest turning off the main breaker inside your RV so that you’re not drawing much, if any, power upon connecting. So, with both your main breaker off, and the pedestal breaker off, go ahead and plug in the RV. Then flip the pedestal breaker on. If it stays on and doesn’t trip, then flip on your main breaker. If you immediately trip the pedestal breaker (and again, has this ever happened at other RV parks, or only at this one?), you might have something shorting that’s causing the immediate trip. If you only trip the pedestal breaker when turning on some appliance, you might be overloading the circuit. Does this happen on 20-amp only, or 30-amp as well?

  9. when I connect my rialto to a camp site shore power the gfi is tripped; I am able to get
    110 power from generator; where should I look for a cause and solution?

    1. Post

      Hi Jerry. Are you tripping the circuit breaker on the campground power pedestal, and if so, does this happen at every RV park you hook up at? Or did you mean that you’re tripping a GFCI inside your RV?

  10. I get a droning/grinding sort of noise running water in my 2002 Rialta. Any ideas about cause and solution?

    1. Post

      Hi Jerry. Most RV water pumps do typically make a “rumbling” sound as they pump water, but we assume that you’re familiar with yours (i.e. you didn’t just buy this RV, so you’re already familiar with its systems), so you’re talking about a change in the sound from the usual.

      We can think of a few possibilities: 1) The pump mounting has loosened, allowing it to vibrate against whatever its mounted to, 2) There could be air trapped in the line, 3) The filter on the pump could be partially blocked, causing the pump to work harder, 4) There could be debris in the impeller, or 5) The pump could be failing.

      If the pump already appears firmly mounted in place, we’d start by removing, checking and cleaning the filter. The only time we’ve ever had this type of problem with ours, it was a partially clogged filter. The filter will either be part of the pump, or in line leading into it.

      Hope this helps. Please let us know how you make out.

  11. Hi Guys,
    I am an Aussie living in the UK and soon I will be retiring. One of the things on my ‘ bucket list’ is to travel America and Canada in an RV. we are well travelled and have been to many countries in Europe and Asia,however even though we have been to a couple of cities in the U S and Canada we really want to get over there and explore the great sights and meet likeminded people.
    We thought about renting a car and staying in motels. Recently I have been watching RV related videos on YT and this kind of lifestyle appeals very much to us. As we will be on a tourist visa I am unsure whether we could buy an RV. Our intention is to spend 12 months travelling in the U.S.and Canada, probably returning to the UK a couple of times to touch base and satisfy visa requirements.
    I really find your videos entertaining and informative.
    Any advice from you regarding a foreigner owning an RV is most welcome. We are interested in a Class A vehicle.. Best Regards to you

    1. Post

      Hi Liam! We love your heritage… Australia is #1 on our bucket list, and we absolutely loved our trip to the UK (in case you didn’t see it, video here: https://www.thervgeeks.com/trip-tips/scotland-uk-motorhomes-caravans/ and we were thrilled to be mentioned by Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2: https://www.thervgeeks.com/miscellaneous/bbc-radio-chris-evans/ ).

      Anyway, we love your idea of buying an RV to use for a year. Needless to say, renting one for that long would likely be prohibitively expensive (unless you were able to connect with someone privately vs renting from a regular rental company). By the way, we assume that you’re thinking of buying a used RV, not a new one. In this case that is something we’d highly recommend due to the very high depreciation you’d suffer owning a new rig for only a year.

      We’re certainly not experts on visa regulations, but we’d be surprised if there were any restrictions on purchasing a vehicle. We’re pretty sure that foreigners purchase real estate in the US all the time, so we’re not thinking that a vehicle would be a problem. The one place that jumps to mind that could be a more likely issue is the registration. We emigrated to Canada about 8 years ago, and if we were to buy a motor vehicle in the US, we’d have to bring it back to Canada to register it and get license plates. We’re not sure how a non-resident would be able to register a vehicle in any US state.

      So the first thing we’d recommend is contacting a few state motor vehicle agencies (whatever state you’d likely buy the RV in, or one nearby, or maybe a state that has no sales tax, like Montana?). They would likely be able to tell you if a non-resident of that state can register a motor vehicle. And of course insurance is required, so you might also connect with a few major insurance companies and explain your situation to see if they have an easy answer. Maybe they’ve dealt with this before and it’s not problem.

      Getting back to renting… we’d consider looking through ads on a website where people sell RVs, like RV Trader, and try contacting a few people who are selling a rig you’re interested in. You never know what kind of deal someone might be willing to make. It only takes one!

      Hope this all helps a little bit. And hope you find a great RV and have a blast touring North America (don’t forget beautiful Canada)! :) Safe Travels, Peter & John

  12. Hi guys. I’m enjoying your site.

    My wife are planning on hitting the road soon. From time to time we’d like to camp extended stay with our horses. Have you run across resources for this kind of RVing?

    Cheers, Mark

    1. Post

      Hi Mark,

      That’s a great question, and we’re not aware of a single source for finding RV parks with horse stables or stalls. The only RV park we know of off the top of our heads that offers horse stalls is one of our customers in California: Hat Creek RV Park: http://hatcreekresortrv.com/

      We Googled “rv park horse stable” and saw that there are other parks too. I’ll be that similar searches will produce even more targeted results, especially if you include a particular state or province name in the search.

      Here are a couple of other links we found too:

      Hope that helps get you started! Safe Travels, and have a great time on the road. :)

  13. Love your info, best I’ve seen, clear and simple

    Have a major problem. My shower drains so slowly I can’t use it. Can I use some type of cleaner, should I try a “snake”.

    I’ve started living full time in my 10 year old Monaco Monarch (only 35,000 miles) and I’ve learned so much from you.


    1. Post

      Hi Jane. We’ve had this type of thing before too. Since RVs often use very little water (when dry camping), the ratio of other materials (food particles, body oils, soap residue, etc.) to water is higher than in a regular home. This can lead to a kind of slimy sludge building up on the inside of the pipes. The quickest, cheapest and easiest first attempt at clearing slow drains is a typical household drain cleaner. You do want to use it while hooked up to a sewer connection with your gray valve open so that you don’t damage the seals (and don’t leave it in there longer than necessary). If you want to try something more mild than Drano or Liquid Plumber as a first attempt, we’ve seen natural drain cleaners that are more mild and less powerful, but still might do the job for a slow drain. If that doesn’t do the trick, one of the thicker types that coats the walls of the pipes might be needed. We’d go with the less-powerful types first. Your neighborhood grocery store should have a selection to choose from. Whatever you use, be sure to flush plenty of fresh water through the system afterward to wash it out of the lines and gray tank. Hope this helps!

  14. Love your website. As the proud owner of a recently purchased Newmar motorhome it’s nice to have some help on many of the questions we have. You guys do a great job! Thanks

    1. Post
  15. You guys have amazed me again! For many years you have shared your knowledge and common sense approach to RV ownership.
    But now, your new Resource page is over-the-top. Just when I thought I’d found every useful RV’ing web site out there, you’ve listed a few more that I’ve never heard of. They are GREAT!!!

    Thank you again for making our RV’ing experience an incredible journey!

  16. Just checking in from a KOA in Lufkin TX . Since I am new to this RV travel in our Thor Mandalay from MI trying to beat the latest winter blast to Rockport TX. I stumbled on to RV Gks over the last year and love your concise no nonsense video’s and give away’s. Great applicable advise and now you top it with “RV Resources”. Keep up the great work!!!

  17. As a newbie, I appreciate the energy and effort put into this “resource page”. After spending many hours on the computer, before and after purchasing my Motorhome, I have discovered some of these on my own…….but there are MANY here I did not know about. Kudos to you and all your hard work for this valuable resource!!! Thank you!

  18. MY favorite is 2012escapee1 on youtube… she has a lot of good ideas for rving. Great website and incredible information gathering

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