Alan Warren, host of The RV Show USA, the only nationwide syndicated radio show about RVing, graciously invited us to join him on the air this week. We appreciate the enthusiasm that Alan and his team put into promoting RVing, so we were honored to be asked and happy to participate.

Last night, October 18, 2017, we were interviewed live for two segments, and had a great time. We’re humbled that Alan appreciates the small contribution that our videos make to the RV community. It’s always great to hear that we’ve been helpful.

The video above is a 20-minute edit of the live Facebook feed of the full 2-hour show, which airs live every Wednesday evening at 8PM Eastern Time. Being a syndicated show, it’s tightly formatted to work with the many stations where it airs, so there’s not an excessive amount of time to spare. We appeared for one 6-minute segment, followed by a second 8-minute segment, with a commercial break in between.

For those of you unfamiliar with The RV Show USA, we included some footage in addition to our appearance to give you a feel for things. That’s Alan’s lovely wife Lisa on the left, and his producer/co-pilot “Goose” running the board on the right.

If you’re already familiar with the show, but missed catching us live, you can jump right to the 4 minute mark in the video to hear our interview. After the break, our second segment begins just after the 12 minute mark. Sorry about the background noise during part of the interview. It was POUNDING rain on the roof of our RV! LOL

Thanks so much to Alan for having us on. If you’d like to catch the show, either live or archived, use the links below to see the many ways to hear The RV Show USA on the radio or online.

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  1. Love your videos and refer to them often when I’m figuring out a problem or a better way to use my campground camper but my budget puts me on a shoestring. I spent a lot of time going through YouTube videos on topics and found some of poor quality and incorrect information. You research your topics well and your cinematography and audio is so much better. I appreciate that if you find out that different model systems require different treatment you update your videos accordingly, i.e. the aluminum hot water tank and not needing anodes, which is my case.
    Thank you for giving me the confidence to own my own RV and doing a lot on my own!! Debbie

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a wonderful note, Debbie. It means so much to us to hear that we’ve been helpful, and you really just made our day. :-)

  2. I enjoyed listening to you on the radio show. Are you planning on any other public appearances? I don’t know if you have any Q&A sessions planned at any upcoming RV shows. I would love to attend a talk if/when you are in the area. Thanks Again!!!

    1. Hi Brian! Thanks so much for the nice note. We’re so glad to hear you enjoyed hearing us on the radio. Unfortunately, we won’t be appearing at any RV shows or events this winter, but we definitely plan to be back in Quartzsite NEXT winter, and hopefully at the RV Entrepreneur Summit in Texas that Heath Padgett puts on. Heath invited us to speak this year, but we just can’t be in that area at that time. The good news is that Alan Warren appeared to like having us on, as we’ve already been invited back to the radio show again! :) We should know when our next appearance will be in advance next time, and can at least send out a post about it beforehand. Thanks again, and safe travels, Peter & John

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