When first-time guests board an RV, puzzled looks often appear when the house tour reaches the bathroom. Anyone seeing an RV toilet for the first time probably needs a quick lesson on how to use it. Or, you can just have them watch this video and we’ll give them the RV “Toilet Talk” for you!

This won’t cover every type of RV toilet, but many of the most popular brands (Dometic, Sealand, Thetford, etc) work on the same basic principles. We’ll also provide a brief introduction to a very Earth-friendly option: a composting toilet, which our friends Nikki & Jason Wynn use in their motorhome. To see the Wynns’ excellent video about their cool toilet, Click Here.

Hope this helps with your RV house tour the next time guests arrive!

To follow Jason & Nikki’s adventures, visit their website: GoneWithTheWynns.com