The RVgeeks popular video intro music: Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin — Live from Las Vegas!

I occasionally get asked about the Ragtime piano music that we use in the intro on most of our videos. That’s me playing Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag, recorded several years ago. I took advantage of our recent stay at Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort to record another version of it on their beautiful grand piano. Besides being an RV geek, I’m also a self-taught amateur ragtime piano player. Being a full-timer, I appreciate having a motorhome that’s big enough to have my own piano on board. It’s only a baby grand though… our RV isn’t THAT big. ;)

It’s actually a Yamaha digital keyboard, so I take advantage of every opportunity to play acoustic (i.e. “real”) pianos whenever I get the chance. The piano at Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort is one of the best instruments I’ve ever seen in an RV park, and getting to play it was a big attraction for splurging on a stay at this luxury RV resort.

Maple Leaf Rag was published in 1899, making it Scott Joplin’s very first published piece and kicking off the Ragtime era. Maple Leaf is probably the second-most recognized Joplin piece, after The Entertainer, which was popularized by The Sting in 1973. Even though Marvin Hamlisch arranged the music for the movie (winning him an Oscar), Scott Joplin wrote it.

Sorry about the flubs. ;)

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