We don’t host overnight guests on board our RV all that often. But when we do, we know how to keep them happy, providing adequate privacy and a comfortable place to sleep.

Many RV visitors are unfamiliar with living in such small quarters, and using systems that are different than they’re used to. Often equipped with only a single bathroom, convertible bedding and limited private space for changing clothes, RVs can be a challenge when more than just the residents are on board.

It’s not uncommon for people to see our large motorhome and ask “How many people does that thing hold?” A fairly standard answer to that question is “Drinks for 6. Dinner for 4. Sleeps 2.” But of course we can comfortably host another couple on board, and have many times. An oddity of RV design is that sometimes, the larger the RV, the fewer people it’s designed to sleep. And of course “comfort” is a relative thing, often in inverse proportion to the age of the visitor. LOL

Someone shopping for their very first RV might be so focused on learning what they need for themselves, that considerations related to hosting overnight guests might not even be on their radar. This video shares a couple of simple basics that can make hosting family or friends a more comfortable experience for all involved.

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