This past week we had the pleasure of joining Mike Wendland of RV Lifestyle on his popular podcast and YouTube channel. Mike interviewed us about our motivations for going full-time, how we support ourselves on the road, and of course our TV show, The RVers.

If you’d like to know a little bit more about us, beyond the practical wrench-turning stuff we feature on our own channel, watch the video version of the interview above, or listen to the podcast.

Professional broadcast journalist Mike Wendland and his wife Jennifer are the force behind, offering a wealth of information for new, experienced, and RV dreamers alike.

If you enjoy this podcast, you might also like the interview we did with our friend Heath Padgett on his RV Entrepreneur podcast in 2016: Heath Padgett RV Entrepreneur Podcast Interview

Visit Mike & Jennifer’s website to learn more:

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  1. Loved this interview with you guys. Just when over the years you think you know someone then you find out things about them you had no idea happened. klI am talking about your cancer and I thank God you are a survivor. I had prostate cancer in 99 and Gail my wife had ovarian cancer in 16 and beat that, then had liver cancer in 19. that is the one she lost the battle with. But anyway, I am happy you guys are doing well with your production company and looking forward to the five years I get to spend with you on tv. I enjoy the picture of your Motorhome on the columbia river since it is just a few miles from us. we live in Hermiston and enjoy the desert country. who know someday I may see you on the road in AZ. you guys keep up the great work, always enjoy watching your videos. I worked for a few years in the RV industry and your videos are spot on as far as I’m concerned

    1. So sorry to hear about your wife, Pius. It always pains us to hear about the many people who have been affected by cancer, especially those who haven’t been as lucky as I have. Thanks so much for your kind comments. Stay safe, and maybe we’ll see you on the road sometime.

  2. What a great interview. We started watching You Tube Videos after we purchased our TTTH (travel trailer toy hauler) in 2013 and have learned so much from you Geezers, excuse me, Geeks, which we were introduced to when watching the Wynns in their RV and now we have solar and AGM batteries and inverter etc etc etc.and we thank you for such great videos that we’ve learned from and shared with our other RV travelers we sometimes camp with. We are not full time.

    1. So glad you found us through the Wynns, Roger! And thanks for all the support and kind words… and for spreading the word! ???? That really means a lot to us and we appreciate it! Safe travels!!

  3. I had a pleasure to meet you guys at Quartzsite, Silly All’s pizza. We got there early and got front row sets to listen to a band the producer of The RVers TV show is the drummer for called Wicked Truth. Won a RVers hat at the end. Thanks guys.

  4. Having followed your RVgeeks website for a very long time, and loved every show, plus The RVers on TV, I found this podcast particularly important as it highlights the need to do it now and not wait as that day may not come. Thank you for emphasizing that aspect of RVing and the down-to-earth approach you have to this lifestyle. We have been rving for 49 years and still learn and enjoy so much from your videos. Well done and hope to see you continue and see you down the road one day.

  5. Hi guys. That was rather entertaining. I enjoyed it. Good to see the human side of the “rich and famous”. 375 watts? Really. I had more wattage on my 2000 5’er. Took me two weeks to install it. Sorry about the hair follicle impairment. But now that you are a success, 5 seasons – Congrats! Perhaps you can get Anthony to fund replacements as a show expense.I would watch for sure as I am long past “thinning” But back to your show. I can see a new RV’ers episode or theme song. Say “Follicles On the Range”. Which I think is better Yesterday (Yesterday, all my hairs seems so far away, As I look to the shower drain, Or my gray tank…Suddenly, No longer gray nor brown….. All my best. Thanks for the interview.

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