RV Living with The RV Geeks | Interview of The Week

This past week we had the pleasure of joining Mike Wendland of RV Lifestyle on his popular podcast and YouTube channel. Mike interviewed us about our motivations for going full-time, how we support ourselves on the road, and of course our TV show, The RVers.

If you’d like to know a little bit more about us, beyond the practical wrench-turning stuff we feature on our own channel, watch the video version of the interview above, or listen to the podcast.

Professional broadcast journalist Mike Wendland and his wife Jennifer are the force behind RVLifestyle.com, offering a wealth of information for new, experienced, and RV dreamers alike.

If you enjoy this podcast, you might also like the interview we did with our friend Heath Padgett on his RV Entrepreneur podcast in 2016: Heath Padgett RV Entrepreneur Podcast Interview

Visit Mike & Jennifer’s website to learn more:

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