We wanted to give you a heads up that we’ll be broadcasting on YouTube Live later today, as we’ve rendezvoused with our friends Brian & Melissa of RVwithTito.

The four of us will be live today, 3/27/19, at 6 pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific. We’ll chat about parking lot camping (which we are currently doing!), connecting with friends on the road, and taking your questions and comments live on the air.

We hope you can join us at the following link this afternoon/evening:


Be sure you’re logged into your YouTube/Google account so you can post in the chat during the broadcast!

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  1. We were motorcycling in the Black Hills and came up behind a 40 foot RV that was backing up, so I pulled along side and stopped next to the driver and asked if he needed help with something. He could not fit thru the tunnel up ahead. He asked how far he had to back and I told him that about a mile back he could back into a dirt road and turn around. I bought a Rand McNally RV GPS that allows me to enter my height, width and length. It will not route me on a road that I cannot navigate with my toy hauler RV. It also shows dump stations, campgrounds etc. I wouldn’t be without it. I also turn off my propane when traveling.

    1. After hearing both good and bad reviews about RV-specific GPS units from both Rand McNally and Garmin, we purchased the Garmin unit late last year. We love the display and the interface, but have experienced some of the same problems that others had reported with both units…. lousy routing. To test the unit, we’ve been using other mapping simultaneously in our phone (Apple Maps, Google Maps, and/or Waze) and we often hate the routing choices the dedicated GPS unit makes, sometimes taking us 50 miles out of the way to avoid a non-existent low-weight bridge (we know it’s non-existent because we ignore it and follow the other mapping). We’ve switched off the RV mode (no weight/height parameters), and are much happier with it. Of course we need to avoid low bridges the ay we always have… good observation skills. We would have gotten the R-M unit, but we’ve heard just as many stories about its issues, too. Glad to hear you’re happy with it.

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