We’ve just returned from an awesome two-week trip to Scotland! We saw more motorhomes, caravans, campervans, caravan sites & pitches than we ever expected… especially since we just learned what some of those terms mean!

Come along for the ride while we share everything we learned about RVing in the United Kingdom.

Starting in Glasgow, we headed northwest to the Scottish Highlands, visiting the Isles of Mull, Iona and Skye, then north to Ullapool and Thurso, across to the Orkney Islands, down to Inverness and St. Andrews, and on to Edinburgh.

It was our first time in the U.K. and the countryside, castles and people were awesome. Even though this trip was on a guided motorcoach tour, the next time we visit we’ll hopefully be renting a motorhome ourselves.

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  1. There are American motorhomes with slideouts in europé also, but not very common. It’s possible to rent them in uk but U can not drive them yourself.
    Take next trip to Sweden & Norway next time. @ least as beautiful as Scotland but women are slimer, roads wider & food is superior.

    I replaced my slide tops & serviced my Onan after looking @ your videos. Thanks for great help.

    Emil/ Sweden

    1. Hallå Emil! I was fortunate enough to work for Volvo for many years, and as result, we were both able to travel to Sweden (Göteborg of course!) on business. We LOVE Sverige so much, and the people are the most wonderful in the world (along with our beloved Canada of course)!

      We would love to return someday, hopefully traveling by motorhome next time. :)

      Tack så mycket,
      Peter & John

  2. Great video…! Would love to see what other areas of Europe do; Scandinavia, etc. Keep up the good work as the rest of us live vicariously through your adventures, Cheers…!

  3. Scotland looks fantastic! A few years ago we toured around France in a Renault ~20 foot 5speed running on “gazole”. We had fun discovering many of the things you mention here like cassette toilettes and funky long runs for “lekky”. Still not sure how to determine potable water versus non while in France :) Saw many a chateau and ended up the trip staying at LeMans for the race. Now we need to try the island, thanks!

  4. BRAVO, Guys!! This was very informative and the scenery simply gorgeous!!

    However, this is *one* time I’m quite grateful for Good Old American Excess!! Gimme a 45-foot rig w/a 600 hp turbo diesel to tow my minivan up [and down] a Colorado mountain!! ;)

    1. We’re definitely with you on the space issue. Can’t imagine there are too many full-timers there with such small rigs. That said, if we weren’t full-timing, some of these rigs are pretty damn cool. ;-)

  5. Thank you for sharing this with us. We thought it was great. My daughters want to go camping in Scotland now. Keep sharing.

  6. Thank you for the info. I would love to go Scotland some day and venture out on a Motorhome.
    It looks so beautiful there.

  7. We just started a blog for our fulltime travels with word press and I was wondering is you had a tip library on how to best utilize it. I’m learning on the fly right now.

  8. Your “mini-documentary” on the RVs of Scotland was absolutely wonderful! Extremely well written, narrated and produced. It was very interesting and a real treat to see how it’s done over there! Bravo!

    1. So glad you liked it George! It really was cool to see how things are different over there. We’d bet that single track roads are enough to scare a lot of people away. lol We had some very tight squeezes with RVs. In one spot the bus came head-to-head with a car where there was no “passing place” available, so SOMEBODY had to back up. The bus wasn’t going to back up, so the woman driving the car LEAPT out of the driver’s seat and switched places with her passenger so that he could do it. She was obviously afraid to back up on the narrow road with a drop-off right alongside. It was hysterical.

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