Is a dripping RV shower causing a headache? We’ll show you how to replace the cartridge and skip the drip. PLUS – BONUS TIP: How to Caulk Like a Pro!

While the details of repairing a leaky shower will be a little different for each make and model of plumbing fixture, we’ll show you the general idea of how easy it can be as we replace the control valve in our Delta faucet.

The first step was to identify & order the replacement valve. The owner’s manual for our Delta 1400 Series Monitor listed the replacement part (see below), so it was off to Amazon to place our order. Once it arrived, it was a quick and easy process to remove the old one… and pop in the new. No more dripping!

As a bonus tip, we’ll also show you how to caulk like a professional, even without their skills and practice. If you’ve ever seen a pro do the job, and wondered how they keep their hands totally steady to create those perfectly straight lines of caulk, we’ll show you how to equal or beat their results no matter how lacking your caulk gun skills are!

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