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Today we’re looking at some of the most comfortable and useful seating options for RVers to relax in their rigs to read, work, nap, or watch the latest episode of The RVers. We’ll answer your questions about RV recliners and we’ll point out five of the best small recliners for RVs.

Let’s get to it!

What is an RV Recliner?

An RV recliner is designed to be used in an RV, meaning that it needs to fit a smaller space, be capable of withstanding travel, and conform to the weight limitations of RVs. RV recliners are often made from lighter materials and are generally able to be secured for safe travel.

What is a Wall-Hugger Recliner?

A wall-hugger recliner requires very little wall clearance to recline compared with normal recliners. As you’ll see in our review of some of the most popular small recliners for RVs, many wall-hugger recliners (dual-seat theatre recliners included) require only 3”-3.5” of wall clearance to fully recline.

Can I Put a Regular Recliner in an RV?

You absolutely can put a regular recliner in an RV, if you’ve got the space for the chair in your RV, and if you’re able to get it into the RV.

Many small recliners for RVs arrive in two or three pieces making it possible to fit a larger piece of furniture through the door of your RV in pieces, then assembling it once it’s inside the rig.

If you’ve got your eyes on a regular recliner, you’d want to be absolutely sure you’ll be able to get it into the RV (without removing the windshield!), and that you’ve got the space to comfortably accommodate the furniture.

fitting a new refrigerator into an RV through the windshield
As you may have seen in this post, we had to remove half of our RV’s windshield to get a new refrigerator into our rig! This is something you want to avoid when shopping for an RV recliner.

What Qualities Do the Best Small RV Recliners Offer?

There are a number of qualities that make a good RV recliner. Let’s take a quick look at them before we examine some of the best small recliners for RVs.


Size is a very important consideration when we’re trying to get any new piece of furniture into an RV. No matter the size of your motorhome, space is always limited to some degree, and making your RV as comfortable as possible is the end game.

So, having the necessary space for an RV recliner is important, and the size of the recliner filling that space is an essential quality of a good RV recliner.

Material & Style

Material and style are important qualities and are usually personal. Most of us would like a new piece of furniture to match our RV’s decor, but some of us prefer leather to cloth or a contemporary European design to the look of an “overstuffed” chair.

Either way, the selection of material and style is important to the choice of a good small recliner for an RV.


Comfort is one of the most important qualities of a good RV recliner. If the furniture you bring into your RV isn’t comfortable – if you can’t be comfortable reading a book, doing some work, watching TV, or just relaxing, then the chair isn’t worth your money, or the space in your rig.

A recliner is a piece of furniture – like a bed – that you need to love. The ability to try a piece of furniture in a shop before buying it, or to have a limited trial period during which it can be returned, is a good idea.


Budget – it’s a thing for just about all of us. Your budget will dictate where you begin your shopping for a new RV recliner, but it’s important not to sacrifice comfort for budget if possible.

A comfortable recliner is something many of us enjoy. But if cost is an issue, it might pay to hold off on a purchase until you’ve got a little more money set aside for a higher quality item. A recliner would fall into that category because there’s no sense in having a recliner that isn’t comfortable.

With all of that said, finding an RV recliner that’s right for you is the ticket here. So, let’s dive into a few that our research suggests are worth considering as you shop.

5 of the Best Small Recliners for RVs

Lambright Lazy Relaxor RV Recliner

small RV recliner
Lambright Lazy Relaxor RV Recliner – photo credit: BraddAndHall

This wall-hugger RV recliner has been BraddAndHall’s number one seller for the past ten years running. This is the original Lambright recliner with a freestanding ring base swivel.

Amish-made in the USA, the swivel base is standard, but the Lambright Lazy Relaxor is also available as a rocker with a swivel base at no extra charge.

Available in a variety of fabrics as well as vinyl and ultra-leather, these high-quality RV recliners are 27” wide and are true wall-huggers that require only 3” of wall clearance.

A drop-down side table is available as an option, as is 110V power recline.

A smaller (24” wide) version of this recliner, the Lambright Lazy Relaxor Lite is also available from BraddAndHall, as is a double reclining theatre seating unit of the same style, (the recliners operate independently and are wall-huggers requiring only 3.5” of wall clearance), called Lambright Houston RV Theatre Seating.

RecPro Nash 28” RV Euro Chair Recliner

RecPro Nash small RV recliner
RecPro Nash RV Euro Chair Recliner – photo credit: RecPro

This contemporary European style recliner comes in four colors – Putty, Chestnut, Mahogany, and Toffee.

With a dual-recline function, RecPro’s Nash models have a kick-out that extends to 45” in the first tier of recline, and 56” at the second tier.

The Nash is a low-profile recliner but the base of the chair needs to be 11” from the wall in order to fully recline. Very popular with reviewers, these chairs weigh only 50 pounds and have a weight limit of 250 pounds.

RecPro Charles 30” RV Wall Hugger Zero Wall Chair

RecPro Charles RV Wall Hugger Chair
RecPro Charles 30” RV Wall Hugger Zero Wall Chair – photo credit: RecPro

Another very popular choice is RecPro’s Charles collection. The material is a soft Suprima leather (polyurethane) and the recliner is large enough and comfortable enough to sleep on. Fully reclined it requires only 3” of wall clearance.

The Charles collection has an all-metal base, so these chairs weigh in at 88 pounds. Some of the options in the Charles collection swivel, though the chair pictured here does not.

We’ll note that while these recliners are popular among RVers, some reviewers complained that if you have any back problems or weakness in that area, the recliners from this collection can be difficult to return from the reclined position. (There is a power option available at additional cost.)
We also saw a few reviewers from folks over 6’ tall who noted discomfort due to their legs hanging off the end of the recliner when in the fully reclined position.

Camper Comfort 65″ Wall Hugger Reclining RV

Camper Comfort small RV recliner for two
Camper Comfort 65″ Wall Hugger Reclining RV – photo credit: Camper Comfort via Amazon

This is another dual-reclining theatre seating option with a center console for drinks and storage.

This wall-hugger is said to only require 3” of wall clearance to fully recline. Made with faux leather fabric, it comes in several different color options.

This seating option reclines manually and has comfortable padded armrests.

The maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds for each seat.

Note that these seats do not fully recline, but reviewers state that they recline sufficiently for effective napping!

Lambright Luxe RV Recliner

Lambright Luxe Recliner
Lambright Luxe RV Recliner – Photo credit: BraddAndHall

Another option from BraddAndHall, their Luxe signature recliner is Amish-made in the USA and is a freestanding ring base swivel recliner. A 28” wall-hugger requiring 3.5” of wall clearance to fully recline, this is another of BraddAndHall’s best sellers.

This recliner is also available as a rocker (though it’s not a wall-hugger) with a swivel base at no additional cost.

The Luxe models weigh 90 pounds and are available in four different fabrics.

Final Thoughts on the Best Small Recliners for RVs

If you’re in the market for an RV recliner or two, there are a number of excellent options available that offer comfort and quality without requiring a vast amount of space to enjoy.

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