Even though the Viair 400P-RV air compressor is one of our favorite pieces of RV gear, it’s not cheap, with an MSRP of $299. We just spotted an amazing deal, so wanted to alert our most loyal viewers. So if you’ve been holding off on this one, now’s the time!

But the sale is only for Amazon Prime members, so if you don’t have Prime, you can get a free 30-day trial here: Amazon Prime. We use our membership for just about everything we buy, and get free 2-day shipping, among a host of other benefits.

Grab this great compressor here:

UPDATE! – Well that was a little crazy. We sent this post out and sold Amazon out within 5 minutes! But not to worry! Even though it says “Usually ships within 2 to 5 weeks” we tried adding it to our cart, and you can still buy it at the great sale price, and then just wait for it to arrive. It will be like Christmas in August! :) So you can still get one, but will have to wait a little bit for it (it’s worth the wait!)

If you’ve never heard of the Viair before, check out our two previous videos (below) about how we use it to inflate our tires and winterize our plumbing system. We love this thing, and the huge string of 5-star reviews makes it clear we’re not alone.

We’re sorry in advance if the price has gone back up or they’re sold out by the time you read this (we just checked and they’re only showing 7 in stock… but “more on the way”)! But we get SO much great feedback from fellow RVers who bought one on our recommendation, that we had to share this so that our most loyal viewers would at least get a shot at one. Good luck!


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  1. I guess a lot of folks are concerned about the price of preventative maintenance items, until the expensive price of failure bites them. This air compressor (even at regular price) is an item worth having. Thanks for the reference.

    1. Thanks for the link to that very good article, Jack! We have friends with a Jeep, so we do know about the need to re-inflate tires that have purposely been set to very low pressure for sand, etc. But we’ve found that with the RV version of these two compressors (the 400P-RV and the newer 450P-RV) there’s an easy choice in our book for RV use. Since all us RVers generally need is to top up a few pounds per tire, rather than re-fill tires that have had a lot of the air let out, the 400P-RV is our hands-down choice. We never need the 100% duty cycle that the 450 provides, since our M.O. is to fill a couple of lbs in a tire, let it rest for a minute as we walk to the next tire, fill a couple more lbs, let it rest, etc. We never come anywhere near the 15 minute continuous run time, even if you add up the time it takes to top up all the tires. And since the fill rate is faster on the 400P, it gets the job done quicker, further making sure that it’s unlikely to ever take more than 15 total minutes to get the job done. The fact that it’s a bit cheaper to buy is the icing on the cake!

      1. Thank you for your recommendation and clarifying why you chose the 400P-RV as opposed to the 450P-RV. Like you, I have a 45 ft Class A (Newmar Essex) and my inflation needs are exactly as you stated. I don’t fill up tires from scratch, but mostly want consistency in topping off my tires. Getting the job done quicker and saving a few bucks makes sense for my application as well:)

  2. Just wanted to give you guys a big thanks. It came in the mail today .It took almost 3 weeks but let me tell you it was well worth the wait. And you couldn’t pass it up at the sale price. I am so thankful to you both. Safe travels.

      1. On Amazon there are 2 Viar RV Compressors, 400P and the 450P , which is the best? There isn’t that much difference in price. I just want the best.

        1. Hi William,

          The 450P-RV is a newer model that has one substantive difference that we know of. It fills slightly slower (1.8 CFM) in order to allow it to have a 100% duty cycle (which allows it to be run continuously for extended periods). The 400P-RV model has a higher fill rate (2.3 CFM), but only a 33% duty cycle.

          Since we only ever use our Viair to top up mostly-full tires, the duty cycle has never been an issue for us… and if we had to choose again, we’d likely still get the 400P-RV since it has a slightly faster fill rate, and is slightly less expensive. But if your needs are different (for example, you need to fill large tires from empty), the 450P-RV may be the better choice.

          Hope this helps!

  3. I must have missed the deal? The link is now $222 for the 400P -RV, but the 400P is $139. I’m having a hard time figuring out the differences in the models.

    1. Hi Diann. Sorry you missed that amazing deal. We heard about it and shot a special alert out to our website subscribers, and will do that again if they should ever sell it that low again. So be sure you’re subscribed! ;-)

      The 400P probably isn’t the best choice for an RV, especially one with dual rear wheels. It lacks the double-length hose to reach all the way around the rig, and also lacks the gun-style handle with long dual-foot chuck. The most important feature that’s missing on the 400P is that it isn’t an “automatic” model. The 400P-RV shuts off automatically when you stop filling a tire (by releasing the trigger on the gun, or by removing the chuck from the valve stem). That way you can walk around the RV filling all of the tires, and the air compressor shuts off in between each one – a really great feature. The 400P would just keep on running the entire time. They do sell a 400P automatic model ( http://amzn.to/2vqqgch ), but it still lacks the longer hose and dual-foot chuck, and costs nearly as much as the RV version.

      Hopefully the 400P-RV will go on sale again. The most common price we’ve seen for it is about $250, and the best price we’d ever seen prior to this latest sale was $199. No idea if they’ll do $139 again (that was only for Prime members by the way). If we see it that low again, we’ll be sure to send out another alert so that our website subscribers will know.

      1. I have to wonder if they’re getting ready to discontinue this model and update it to the next version. This would have cleared out a lot of imventory prior to releasing a new model. Either way….I’m a happy camper…oh, well I will be when I replace our RV with a new one anywya :-)

        1. We were thinking the same thing at first, but then they continued selling at that price for over a week after they went out of stock, and now the price is back up, but still no inventory. So it might be around for a while, Greg. Still loving ours. :)

  4. The Viair and the Solar Panel and Pure Sign Inverter are the 3 items that were worth the price paid. And are 3 things I tell people to add to thier unit if they don’t already have them.
    Thanks again for all the info and videos.You have made our experience with our motor home one of we can do it ourselves if need be.

  5. We bought one last year before our trip across Canada, after watching your review. It works flawlessly.It is a something a motorhome shouldn’t be without.

    1. Great to hear, Robert! It’s amazing how many glowing comments we read about the Viair. The only hesitation we ever hear was about the price…. until now! As we’ve said, it’s really good to hear that people who’ve owned one since before this sale still feel like it was a great investment. Safe travels.

  6. Thanks guys. I got you email and rushed right over and purchased one. Been wanting one for a while. It was hard to pass up at that price. I’m grateful for all the tips you pass along. Safe travels.

    1. That’s awesome, Jack! We figured that a lot of people were probably holding back because of the price, so we’re glad you got in on this deal. Hard to pass up indeed. :)

  7. Thanks guys! I passed this up before because I carry a pancake compressor I’ve had for years, and it’s paid for. I almost passed this up, then got to thinking about how my coach is close to GVWR. So I went to Amazon and got one.

    Used my Amazon Prime card, which I pay off each month so the points are free money, and got my compressor for less than $17! Hard to beat that with a big stick!

    Hopefully, it doesn’t come too soon, we’re about to leave on vacation, and our longest trip yet of 1200 miles each way. A little scary, as a retired mechanic I can imagine all the things that can go wrong…

  8. Thank you, you are always helpful. We also have a Newmar – just got it in April. I do have a question about the 303 – is there a reason not to use it on nearly everything on the roof, including the fiberglass roof itself? I used it on the windshield wipers, dash, leather chairs and sofa. I am very happy with the results.

    1. We wouldn’t recommend using the 303 on the roof itself for a couple of reasons:

      1. It will make the roof EXTREMELY slippery when it gets wet, which would be a hazard for walking on the roof.
      2. 303 doesn’t harden/bond to the surface, so it washes off over time. Applying it to the roof will mean it will wash off in rain, etc, leaving streaks anywhere it flows.
      3. It isn’t necessary to treat the roof with anything that we’re aware of… we’ve avoided it completely because just about anything you’d put on the roof would tend to make it slippery when wet (see #1).

      And when you say you applied 303 to your wipers… did you use the special formula for wiper blades? Or just plain 303… ‘cuz plain 303 will tend to make your wipers streak when they get wet. The special formula for wiper blades is designed to prevent them from chattering and keep them flexible. But it is a different formula than regular 303.

      Other than that… 303 is a pretty amazing product!

      1. Very interesting. The person we bought the RV from said he had the roof treated with a UV protectorant good for a year. When I actually saw the roof up close I was sure he had been ripped off. The dicore needed serious work – thank you especially for your roof care video. I’m sure I don’t want to test my theory by being on the roof when its wet.
        I didn’t know there was a special formula for wipers. Ok, no 303 on the roof itself but how about the gaskets around the fans and skylight, exposed cable, and antennas? Now I’m concerned about streaking.
        I knew there was a lot to learn and now that we actually have an RV it feels like even more. Your videos, blog posts, and advice are very helpful and have made a huge difference in our confidence level. Thank you.

        1. Hi Elizabeth,

          UV treatments are usually designed for EPDM/TPO roofs… to help keep the sun from degrading their surface and causing them to turn chalky, which ends up causing bad streaks on the sides of the RV and can result in the roof membrane becoming brittle and more prone to puncture/tearing. Fiberglass roofs don’t have that issue (one of their big advantages). And we’re pretty sure that a UV treatment isn’t going to do anything to prevent the Dicor from needing maintenance (as you’ve discovered).

          As far as 303 around gaskets, exposed cables, etc… give it a shot! We stopped using it on our Fantastic vent fan gaskets (the ones that seal the lid to the fan when it closes) because it was causing the lid to stick… we just use baby powder on those and haven’t had any trouble with them since. But it should work to help preserve any other rubber/plastic that is exposed to the sun (for us, we only use it on our tires and the DiamondShield protective covering on the nose, as everything else seems to be holding up just fine without it). Just follow the instructions on the 303 to make sure you don’t use it on anything that you shouldn’t.

          Don’t worry too much about trying to learn it all at once. NO ONE can know it all… there’s always something new to learn, so just enjoy the ride! ;)

  9. Really enjoy your tips and videos. Have bought and installed new slide toppers, installed LevelMate Pro and did maintenance on my gen set after seeing your videos on each of them. The tip on the air compressor was outstanding and I was able to snag one this afternoon. Christmas in August! Thanks Guys

  10. Walmart had the same unit for $140, giving Amazon some competition, Walmart just now raised the price to $225. I order mine form Amazon great price, RVgeeks thank you for information.

    1. Great to hear you got one, Adrian! We’re so glad we spotted the sale so we could announce it, and so glad they didn’t pull the rug out before lots of our viewers are getting to take advantage of it. :)

  11. I don’t even own an RV yet but saw your e-mail and vid and new I had to own one. Like many others have stated, if you guys are recommending an item then we know you have vetted it out which makes our purchase decisions easier. Thanks for all your great videos and advice. Ordered mine from your link this morning.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Fred! :) This is one those awesome products that makes every RVer’s life better, but it’s kinda pricey… until now! So glad you got in on the sale.

  12. We thought we got a great deal when we paid $20 more – and we did. We were hoping to postpone this purchase but discovered our tire pressures were off only a few weeks after our tires were adjusted by a factory rep. We discovered this when installing the Pressure Pro TPMS – another great buy, thank you. We are new and very green but have been reading your advice for a couple of years. We’re confident a product will be good if you recommend it. I know you use baby powder (BTW, it is dented cornstarch) on your slides. Our coach is now 4 years old. The chassis maintenance was done but not the coach maintenance do we are playing catch up. At some point while reading your blog I started putting maintenance items on my calendar. I purchased Areo Space 303 (great stuff) and Boshield T-9 just arrived. I believe both suggest using their product on slides. Do you have an opinion on either for slides?
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge — it has been a great blessing.

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for your comments and questions. We’ve never used Boshield, so can’t provide any input on that one since we have no experience with it. We do love 303, and use it primarily for dressing tires and the Diamond Shield protective mask on the front of our RV. When you ask about using products like these on the slides, are you referring to the slide toppers? The slide-out seals? The slide mechanism? We use nothing on our slide toppers. We just wash them. We use nothing but baby powder on our slide-out seals (which is what Newmar recommends, and many brands, including Johnson’s Baby Powder, and the store brand we use, are actual talc, not cornstarch). We use nothing at all on our slide mechanisms because Newmar says not to. You should follow your manufacturers recommendation on that one, since some slides probably do require lubricating. Hope this helps a bit. Safe Travels.

  13. Super deal! Thanks for passing along to us. Have been wanting one for a year, 5 weeks is no big deal. Happy travels.

      1. Received your email about the Viair compressor. i’ve been looking at this for a while and jumped to Amazon to buy one when I saw that incredible price. Thanks. I do have a question. On the video showing how to winterize an RV with the Viair, can you tell me the brand of the adjustable air regulator it shows on video?

  14. Thanks for the heads up. I just purchased it at the price you listed on Amazon.com. I can’t wait to get it. Thanks again!

  15. Just ordered one! Have been wanting one for my class A, just was too cheap to spend the money. Great price! Don’t mind waiting for it. Love you guys. Have watched every single one of your videos. Keep up the great job! ???

    1. We think you actually did pretty well last year, Larry. Until this sale we’ve almost never seen it below $250, except a couple of fleeting 1-day drops to $199 then back up to $250, and even higher. But we know what you mean. This really is a killer sale enough to make you a little jealous! At least those of us who didn’t wait have gotten lots of great use out of it all this time. ;-)

  16. “We sent this post out and sold Amazon out within 5 minutes! ” Sold out in five minutes? John, Peter you have now amazed Amazon!

    I saw your video and bought one last year after putting off waiting for a price drop. I have already used it a few times so I’m glad I bought when I did.

    However for any Canadian who buys at this price they will save about $200 CDN. What a great find for you to pass along to your readers.

    1. Glad you’ve been getting great service from your Viair, too, John. We feel the same way. It says an awful lot about a product when it goes on sale for more than 100 bucks less than usual, and the people who paid the higher price aren’t mad, but instead say it was worth every penny and they’re happy for their fellow RVers who got the savings. We were really excited to see this sale, and pleased that so many people have been able to take advantage of it today. :)

  17. Have been on the road for several months now and recently gotten around to addressing the tires fully. I had seen your videos over a year ago and was planning to get one soon, as I just installed CrossFires on my tandem wheels (love them too!) and the Sure Shot (which came with the coach) just ran out of gas. I snagged one of these babies – so now I can save the Sure Shot for off-grid. THANKS for the heads-up!!!

  18. Ordered mine early this morning. Will arrive at the RV park tomorrow. Price was definitely right. Glad I didn’t put off ordering.

  19. I have had this compressor in my Amazon Wish List for months and got emailed a few weeks ago when the price dropped and ordered it right away! I thought the price might be a mistake but sure enough it showed up a couple days later. Great product and thanks for your videos and review of it.

  20. The Viair 400P-RV is an excellent investment for a class A motorhome owner, especially if you want to be proactive about your tires. It should easily pay for itself, in both $$ and peace of mind.

    1. That’s awesome, Dennis! So good to hear. And you have the right attitude about this, as opposed to Greg, who keeps commenting how much we’re COSTING him! LOL ??

  21. You guys! I think you owe me for what you cost me in accessories :-) We sold our coach last fall and are looking for the next RV, but here you are convincing me to pull the trigger on this compressor “just to be ready”. I need to research some new drones to tempt you with :-) Great heads up on this buy though, so thanks. Now….I’ve got these two new Solo 3DR’s in the shop…

    1. Sorry Greg! Those back-up Solos ARE pretty tempting though. ;)

      Sorry for the additional purchase. But we’re not costing you money. We’re SAVING you money! Yeah. That’s the ticket. LOL

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