The coronavirus has us stuck in New Zealand… in an RV. This Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific, we’ll fill you in on what’s been happening and take your questions LIVE on the air.

Use the following link to join the live broadcast (or watch it after the fact, too!):

If you click the link before the live is scheduled, you can set a reminder so that YouTube will send you a note so you don’t miss it. Also, be sure you’re logged into your YouTube/Google account so you can post in the chat during the broadcast.

We’ll tell you how we got where we are, and what we’ve been going through with our friends and fellow hosts of The RVers, Tom & Cait Morton. We’ll also be happy to take your questions on what it’s like RVing internationally during a pandemic, and what our current plans are for getting back to North America (things have been changing by the day). At least, in the interim, we’re comfortable in our Wilderness Motorhome Rentals. Thanks Wilderness!

Speaking of  The RVers Season One will re-air in its entirety on The Discovery Channel beginning on Saturday, April 4, 2020 at 8am Eastern & Pacific and 7 am Central for 6 consecutive weeks. That will be followed immediately by the premiere of Season Two, also on Discovery on Saturday mornings at the same times, beginning on May 16, 2020.

Of course Season One is always available to stream (commercial-free with bonus content!) on iTunes, Amazon Prime and Google Play. You can also find the show on PBS. Check your local PBS station for dates and times.

We hope you’re all safe and sound, and hope to see you Sunday.

Peter & John

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  1. Guys I’m not getting it, you are fulltimers, and yet you suddenly have an urgency to go home… You are planning on flying back to the US, then an internal flight to Vegas, and then driving to Canada, all the while putting yourselves and potentially others in danger, yes a euromobile might not be ideal compared to an American RV, but you are on hookup, have access to water, food and dumping facilities and can sit it out where you are.

    We are in an RV in Portugal having driven over from the UK before it hit the fan, but we made the decision to sit tight instead of “going back home” to the UK and the reason we made that decision is that we are HOME…

    1. Hi John! Great question. Wish we’d gotten that on the live yesterday. We know that Tom and Cait also have some specific reasons to get back to North America, but without speaking for them, we have two overriding reasons to take advantage of this window of opportunity to get back. First, as residents of Canada, our health coverage when we are out of the country is provided by private travel insurance. It will expire soon, and if we are not back, we will not be able to renew due to the edict by the Canadian government that all Canadians return home as quickly as possible if they can. As there are no travel restrictions on us, we have to go back or lose our coverage. We also both have moms who are 85 years old, and one of them has no other real family or support besides us. I have been managing food delivery, doctor appointments, and other important necessities, and the time difference has been creating problems with managing those things at 3 o’clock in the morning New Zealand time! Also, if anything should happen to mom, it would go from being a concern to a crisis for us if I were unable to get to her in short order. We are being extremely vigilant about our plans, flying on a half loaded flight to help facilitate distance, and heading directly to complete isolation in our motorhome, which fortunately we are very expert at already. As everyone else, we are doing the best we can to manage as reasonably as possible under our individual circumstances. Thanks so much for your concern, and we hope you are safe and comfortable where you are.

      1. Thanks for explaining your reasoning behind your decision, and I totally get why you made it, you two stay as safe as possible and get home to help your families :)

  2. Wow! A year ago this month I was lucky enough to meet you in Salt Lake City at RVX! We have all traveled a lot of miles since then. A late summer, early autumn lockdown in New Zealand, surely the Kiwi’s will take good care of you, and there must be a lot of worse places and situations than that! The Milford Track is high on my bucket list, can’t wait to hear your update from the Antipodes tomorrow.

    Kick back and relax, this too will pass. Stay safe and healthy!

  3. We’ve been wondering how you guys were getting along. We’re in a shelter-in-place zone, and everyone is complying, so life around here is like living in a well-maintained ghost town. Stay safe!

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