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There are lots of reasons why people love their fifth wheels. But a fifth-wheel toy hauler takes these spacious rigs to a whole different level. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at what a fifth-wheel toy hauler is, why some campers love these big rigs and the pros and cons of owning one. What …

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What is a fifth wheel? They’re just travel trailers, right? Well, not so fast. While a 5th wheel camper is a towable RV, it’s different from standard travel trailers. In fact, a towable RV that’s called a fifth wheel (or 5th wheel) is distinguished from other travel trailers in a variety of ways. Not only …

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When someone asks, “What does RV stand for?”, most people would probably reply with the semantic definition by noting that “RV” is technically an abbreviation that stands for “recreational vehicle”. But the term “RV” has become a word of its own… “RV” can be a noun, as in “We love our RV!” Some people use …

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We’ve sometimes seen 5th wheels referred to as “travel trailers.” But while both are towables, they’re actually not the same type of RV. In fact, there are some pretty significant differences between the two, so we thought we’d take a closer look at travel trailers vs 5th wheels, and point out what sets them apart …

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