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Social media is full of pictures of people converting buses into rolling homes which essentially makes them RVs. But what exactly is a bus RV conversion? And is it worth the effort? Today we’re looking at bus conversions (a sub-group of which are also known as skoolie conversions) – a different type of home on …

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Traveling in an RV is fantastic. Obviously, we think so or we wouldn’t have continued doing it for two decades! But, RV ownership isn’t all glamour and fun. There are some stressors involved. So, in the interest of full disclosure, today’s post takes a serious look at a few important things to know about owning …

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Most of the time motorhomes are driven, and travel trailers towed, by their owners to their various destinations. But there are some circumstances that call for an RV to be transported from one place to another. So, today we’re looking at the question “How much does it cost to transport an RV?” Of course, costs …

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Large, luxurious RVs lure us in with their curb appeal, but bigger isn’t always better. We’ll tell you why as we look at the benefits of smaller RVs. Sure, we’ve lived in a 43’ diesel pusher for a couple of decades, but we’ve also traveled overseas in far smaller rigs for extended periods. So, we …

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