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If your RV has a diesel block heater and you never use it because you only travel where it’s mostly above freezing, you may want to consider the information in this post. A diesel engine block heater is designed to heat the block in cold conditions in order to help the engine start. Many people …

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We’ll say this right up front: Claims of dramatic savings using diesel fuel discount programs for RVs are wildly overhyped. Promotional articles you may have seen that tout huge savings of $0.60… $0.70… $0.80 a gallon are just plain deceptive. Even if someone you know personally tells you they saved that much, they’re not giving …

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As the cool weather approaches, we’re trying to offer some great fall and winter camping information for RVers who enjoy camping in any weather. And the truth is that there are myriad ways to stay warm in your RV while continuing to travel in cold weather. Today’s focus is on the diesel heater. For many …

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You may be generally familiar with a Class A RV. But a diesel pusher motorhome, despite being classified as a Class A RV, is somewhat of a different beast compared to a gas Class A. So, what exactly is a diesel pusher motorhome, and what are the advantages and disadvantages associated with it? Stay tuned, because …

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We’ve lived, worked, and traveled in a diesel pusher that we’ve driven all over the United States, Canada, and even into Mexico for nearly two decades. But we’ve driven a gas-powered motorhome now and again as well, so we’ve got some experience to put behind any comparisons we make relative to the pros and cons …

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Diesel or gasoline? It’s one of the oldest debates in the recreational vehicle industry. Which is better, and why? Today, we’re taking a deeper look at the benefits of diesel class A motorhomes – what makes them stand out, their fundamental differences, and more. What Is a Diesel Class A Motorhome? As the name implies, …

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