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30-amp RVs are the most common rigs on the road. As a result, 30-amp RV plugs and outlets are also very common. The ability to utilize a 30-amp outlet, even if you have a 15- or 50-amp RV, allows you to take advantage of that power regardless of your own rig’s plug. That’s why we’re …

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When hooking up to electrical power, the outlet or power pedestal you’re connecting to isn’t always conveniently located. That’s why it’s important to carry an RV extension cord. The question is which cord to carry because using an underrated cord for the load your RV will require could lead to problems, including fire. Which cord …

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The 50 amp RV plug is a powerful thing! In fact, it has the capacity to power everything in your RV no matter what size rig you’ve got.  People often wonder how much a single 50-amp plug can really handle. Well, we can power our entire motorhome on a 50-amp plug when we’re connected to …

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Access to electric power allows RVers to enjoy all the comforts of home as we travel. Refrigerators, air conditioners, heaters, coffee makers, microwave ovens, television sets, computers, and the personal devices we use on a daily basis all require energy. And of course, we have batteries to charge. When we’re hooked up to shore power …

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If you’re a new RVer, or haven’t even taken delivery of your first rig yet, the connections and hoses you need to hook up your RV might seem a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry… hooking up your RV for camping is a simple process that anyone can learn how to do. In this post we’ll …

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A new RVer recently asked us how to plug their RV into a regular household electric outlet, so we thought we’d cover the basics of connecting different types of RVs into 20-, 30- and 50-amp electric service. A standard 3-prong household electric outlet provides 20-amp service (sometimes also referred to as 15-amp service). Most medium-sized …

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