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As we’re exploring England in our rented motorhome, we’re particularly fascinated by the canals and locks that criss-cross the countryside. Since we happen to be friends with David Johns, one of the most famous narrowboaters living on the canals of the U.K., we took advantage of his invitation to spend a day out on the …

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We highly recommend renting an RV in England. But we also advise going in with eyes wide open when it comes to the size of the roads… or lack thereof. In part 3 of our U.K. Road Trip, we take you on the SMALLEST roads we’ve ever been on… in a motorhome! Having driven on …

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We’re RVing in England! See how we dump & fill tanks, hook up at our campsite, and fill our own propane. That’s right… propane in England is like pumping gas in most of North America – DIY. The black tank is removable, black and grey water get disposed of in separate places, and a thin little …

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If you follow our Instagram feed, you know that we’ve been exploring the English countryside in a rented motorhome. Come along for a tour as we show you around our RV and tell you what it’s like to live in and drive. While European RVs aren’t exactly like the ones we’re used to in North …

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