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In certain camping scenarios, there are times when a small propane heater is the perfect remedy to chilly weather. The Little Buddy propane heater is exactly the right size for a personal camping heater, but is it the best option available? In this post, we’re taking a good look at the Little Buddy, a portable …

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Portable propane heaters can be sources of fast, efficient heat. They heat up quickly, they produce a lot of heat, and their very efficient, so they use very little propane. But can you use a propane heater indoors? Is it safe? And if not, are there things you can do to make it safe? Today …

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As the cool weather approaches, we’re trying to offer some great fall and winter camping information for RVers who enjoy camping in any weather. And the truth is that there are myriad ways to stay warm in your RV while continuing to travel in cold weather. Today’s focus is on the diesel heater. For many …

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Today’s topic, the RV pet monitor, is of critical importance to anyone who travels in an RV with pets. After all, one of the great benefits of traveling in an RV is the ability to bring along ALL family members, furry ones included. And although we don’t happen to travel with pets ourselves, we have …

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Heat and hot water are tremendous luxuries afforded to RVers by virtue of the fact that our rigs are homes-on-wheels with all the amenities of a traditional sticks & bricks house (plus wheels)! But there’s more than one way to skin the RV heat & hot water cat, and today we’re looking at the concept …

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Have you ever been in a chilly RV, flipped on your furnace to make the RV nice and toasty, and all you got was a steady flow of cold air? If you’ve experienced what happens when an RV furnace fan runs but there’s no heat, then you understand why we’re sending this post out in …

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