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We recently published a complete guide to the RV slide-out. We covered the pros and cons of slides in general. But one of our readers pointed out that our post didn’t mention anything about RV slide locks. (Thanks, Michael!) In his comment, Michael mentioned that slide-out locks seem to be a controversial topic, and he’s …

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An RV door latch isn’t an item you generally need to spend much time thinking about, but when a door latch fails, the consequences can be serious. A broken door latch could lock you OUT of your RV or allow a stranger IN! Or your RV’s door could open while you’re driving at highway speeds. …

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Most RVs are equipped with lockable outside storage compartments, including our first motorhome, a 2002 Fleetwood Bounder Diesel. Since our basement doors had no central locking mechanism, we got used to carrying the keys whenever we were working outside around the RV. We got so tired of locking and unlocking compartments, that we put “Power …

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