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Dometic fridges are among the most popular cooling units in the mobile living industry worldwide. Regardless of what type of RV or travel vehicle you may have, you’ve probably heard of the Dometic brand. Millions of travelers around the world use Dometic products. So, today we’re looking specifically at Dometic fridges for mobile use. If …

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We recently published a post on RV refrigerators covering the absorption-style refrigerators (2-way and 3-way) that are traditionally found in an RV. We covered how they work, some pros and cons, and a few tips for keeping things cold. And, before that, we had a post about the benefits of residential refrigerators in RVs. But …

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Keeping perishable foods at safe temperatures is incredibly important to all RVers. For this reason, most RVs have a fully-functioning refrigerator, whether it’s a 12V fridge, a 2-way (propane or electric) or 3-way (propane, 120V AC, or 12V DC) unit, or an RV residential refrigerator. A working fridge keeps foods, beverages, and even medications safe. …

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We’ve had our second RV, our 2005 Newmar Mountain Aire, for 15 years, and consider ourselves lucky that it’s held up so well (with a lot of RVgeeks TLC, of course ????). But there’s been one particular part that has plagued us with troubles over the years: the refrigerator! Or more accurately, refrigerators. We started …

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