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Many RVers enjoy staying at campgrounds and RV parks during their travels. When making travel plans, they’ll check campground amenities, and when they see campground WiFi listed, they’re comforted to know they’ll be able to stay connected during their stay for work and recreational purposes. In fact, the availability of campground WiFi is among the …

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As working-age full-time RVers running our business online, our technology needs might be a bit higher than most. But plenty of our gear would be useful for anyone. Come along for a tour as we share our Geek Tech! John is our resident technology guru, so he’s giving the video tour (with a gracious introduction …

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Last year we demonstrated how we installed a WiFi Ranger system on our RV to improve internet connectivity. We mentioned that we’d report back on it, so here’s a very brief example of a situation where we’re picking up free WiFi signal, where we’d otherwise be off-line. Like many RVers (especially full-timers), we have more …

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In case you missed Sunday’s sneak preview of our WiFiRanger installation video… Anyone who’s stayed in an RV park offering “WiFi” can tell you that most of them… oh, how shall we say this delicately?… uh… suck. Yeah, that’s probably the most polite way to describe RV park WiFi. UPDATE ON OUR WiFiRANGER: Check out …

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The only thing better than finding innovative, high-quality RV products… is getting a discount on them! We’re thrilled that some of our favorite companies have agreed to offer special discounts to our viewers on the very same gear we use and love. Since we’ve been full-timing for over 12 years, we’re often asked what products …

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