When we started full-timing over 9 years ago, we had never even been in an RV before, and didn’t know much about them. When we heard that RVs required special “RV-safe” toilet paper, we didn’t know exactly what that meant, but we assumed it must be listed on the package for some important reason. On our very first trip to stock up on RV supplies, we made sure to buy a few packs of this magical stuff. OOOooooo… RV toilet paper! Special! ?

It turns out that buying bathroom tissue manufactured and/or packaged specifically for use in an RV won’t do much more than increase costs, and limit your choices to very few products, none of which you might be happy with.

At the time, we’d been using Costco’s Kirkland brand toilet paper for years. We love Costco, and generally find that anything they sell to be both high quality and competitively priced. Without going into the gory details about what makes toilet paper good or bad, suffice it to say that many of us have a favorite brand. We like Kirkland, and wanted to know if we could safely use it in our rig, instead of the expensive, low-quality RV toilet paper from the camping aisle.

The only consideration you need to worry about is whether or not your bathroom tissue will break down in your black tank. If not, too much of it could… gum up the works. And you don’t want to know how that ends!

Here’s a simple test to find out if the brand you prefer using in your stick house can also be used in your RV. This test works with any type or brand, both single-ply and 2-ply, regardless of whether the packaging specifies “RV-safe” or not.

Watch the video to find out if your favorite brand of toilet paper is safe for your RV… even if it isn’t specifically RV toilet paper.

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