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The 5 Best RV Exterior LED Floodlights

The 5 Best RV Exterior LED Floodlights

Sometimes you need to see things in a new light. RV exterior LED floodlights can help you achieve that at an affordable cost.

As technology has improved, there are more alternatives than ever for outdoor lighting. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best ways to brighten the space around your RV.

Benefits of RV Exterior Floodlights

LED floodlights around the exterior may look cool, but that’s not the point. It’s all about having better visibility. If you can see better outside your RV, you’ll have many additional benefits, including the following:


When the grounds around your home-on-wheels are dark, it might suggest that it’s simply “lights out” and past bedtime. Or it might send a signal that no one’s home. Unfortunately, this could be an invitation for thieves to take advantage of the situation. Whether you’re tucked safely inside or just out hiking, a brightly lit space discourages unwanted visitors.

Light Up Your Campsite

Another way that exterior lights help with security is by giving a better look at your surroundings. It’s best to set up camp during daylight hours, but sometimes you arrive at a campsite later than you expected. In these cases, you want to see what you’re doing as you set up camp and get acquainted with your new space.

RV LED Floodlights improve your visibility

RV exterior LED floodlights are fantastic for illuminating the area outside our RV.

It’s also handy to have a bright light shine when there’s any sort of a bump in the night. Additional RV exterior LED floodlights can help to quickly identify an unexpected four-legged visitor, for example, and scare it away.

A Great Alternative to Regular RV Porch Lights

Traditional porch lights on many RVs illuminate the door. Besides attracting bugs, that’s about all they do.

“Old-school” lights like halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent bulbs seem so dim when compared with LEDs. Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs simply don’t have the visibility reach of LEDs. Once you switch, you’ll wonder how you’ve been getting along without them.

LEDs will attract bugs too, of course. But attracting them to some other location besides your entrance door will make it easier for you to enter or exit your rig without them coming inside.

Why Choose LEDs?

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode, which emits light when a current flows through them. Switch to LED, and you’ll enjoy  brighter, less power-hungry lighting that easily illuminates much larger areas. Here are some great reasons to go with the newer technology:

LEDs Last Longer

LED lights last much longer than conventional bulbs. Many have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, which is as much as 50 times longer. They’re also less likely to break due to vibration because they don’t contain delicate filaments. But be aware… not all LEDs are created equal.

Conventional bulb compared with our M4 flat panel LED light.

We switched our conventional security light bulbs for M4 flat-panel LEDs and what a difference both in terms of illumination and power savings!

LEDs Don’t Get As Hot

Have you ever accidentally touched a traditional bulb that’s been turned on for a while? They can really burn. You won’t need to be quite as cautious when touching LEDs. One of the reasons LED lights last longer is that they don’t produce much heat.

It’s remarkable to compare the heat production of old-school lights to LEDs. Incandescent bulbs, for example, put 90 percent of their energy to heat and only 10 percent to light. No wonder they burn out so quickly!

LEDs Are More Energy Efficient

All of the heat generated by traditional bulbs is wasted energy. LEDs require a fraction of the energy used by conventional bulbs because they’re much better at taking the power supplied to them and converting it to light.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that switching from incandescents to LEDs will save you up to 75 percent in power costs. While you may not be paying for power at your campsite, you do pay for fuel for your generator usage while dry camping.

LEDs Are More Directional

We’ve already mentioned that LED lights tend to be brighter than their traditional counterparts. A lot of that has to do with the fact that traditional bulbs produce light in all directions… which means that not all of it is going where you want it to.

As a result, many traditional fixtures use reflectors behind the bulb to try and direct the light that’s going the wrong way. But the bulb is, effectively, producing more light than you need and wasting a lot of energy in the process.

LEDs, on the other hand, are much more directional. Which means they shine the light they produce onto the objects and surfaces you want lit. By not wasting light in directions you don’t need it, they are both more efficient AND brighter. 

5 Best RV Exterior LED Floodlights

If you’re convinced that LEDs are the way to go, then you’ll really love these RV exterior LED floodlights. They’re a great option for your RV, but you’ll need to choose the best lights for your application.

You can replace the bulbs in existing fixtures, replace those fixtures with new LED versions, or add entirely new lights/light bars to help illuminate the area around your RV. Following are several examples:

M4 LED Floodlights

M4 offers various replacement bulbs, with either a single light level or a high-low function. This Southern California company specializes in RV parts, and the owner, Steve, is an avid RV and off-road enthusiast himself. M4 does extensive testing to ensure that its products are of the best quality.

They’re also known for being very responsive to customers’ questions, and they’re happy to offer expert guidance.

We personally use M4 LED lights throughout our RV, so we know that they’re exceptionally high quality from personal experience. And with a huge variety of bulbs, replacement fixtures, and upgrades available, you’ve got a lot to choose from. Check out RV exterior LED floodlights directly from M4 (and if you need more information about upgrading to LED lights, check out all of our other LED posts & videos)

M4 LED Products Logo
M4 LED 5% Discount

We’ve replaced virtually all of the incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs in our RV with high-quality M4 LEDs. In addition to the power savings while dry camping, we haven't had a single...Show More

We’ve replaced virtually all of the incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs in our RV with high-quality M4 LEDs. In addition to the power savings while dry camping, we haven't had a single LED bulb fail since upgrading.

Check out our M4 LED videos here

Use the discount code listed here to save 5% on your entire order!

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Cutequeen LED Floodlights

These are super-bright and durable rectangular 10V-30V aluminum lights that have their own sturdy stainless steel mounting brackets. This is a set of four, and each bar measures 6.5 inches by 4 inches.

These weatherproof floodlights are great when you need extra-bright illumination after hours. They’re handy, for instance, when you arrive later than expected and have to set up camp in the dark.

No products found.

Auzkin LED Flood Light Bar

You might be amazed at how bright this sturdy light bar is. Measuring 9.57 x 7.99 x 3.15 in, the Auzkin light bar was designed as a driving light to help with visibility in foggy conditions. It can also be used as an exterior floodlight, however.

The designers originally made this light bar to function perfectly underwater. So, it can easily withstand rainy weather or humid conditions.

No products found.

Nilight LED Light Bar Set

Not just waterproof, this Nilight set of three light bars is also shake-proof and anti-explosion. Hopefully, you won’t put it to that test, but let’s just say these lights are rugged.

The set is made up of a 12-inch triple-row light bar and two smaller 4-inch bars. It’s a versatile configuration that’s fantastic for shedding more light just where you need it.

Nilight LED Light Bar Set, 12 Inch 300W Triple Row Spot Flood Combo Work Driving Lamp, 2 Pcs 4 inch 60 W with Wiring Harness for Off road ATV Boat Lighting, Year Warranty
  • High Waterproof Performance: This triple row led light bars feature IP67 waterproof rate dust-proof quake-proof anti-explosion Durable to withstand...
  • Adjustable mounting bracket the bracket can be adjusted and slid offering convenience to adjust position flexibly when needed

Yeego LED Floodlights

This set of four 30V lights can withstand all kinds of harsh weather. The complete set weighs less than 5 pounds, however, making them perfect for travel. These are also driving floodlights, but you can easily mount them on your RV roof to spread light in all directions.

TIP: Aim them precisely in the direction you want to illuminate before fully tightening the brackets. They’re not particularly easy to adjust.

7 Inch LED Light Bar 4 X 36w 3600 Lumens, YEEGO Cree LED Flood Lights for Off-Road Rv ATV SUV Boat Truck SUV ATV Tractor Pickup Lighting (4Pack-36W Flood Light)
  • 【SUPER BRIGHT】Our 7inch 36w led light bar is made of 12*3W high power LEDs; Total of 36W at 6,000K Color Temperature with 3600 Lumens; Flood beam...
  • 【HIGH PERFORMANCE】6063 Diecast aluminum housing for strength and durability. Upgrade PC lens surface with high light transmission. IP67 rated...

Use Your RV Exterior LED Floodlights Wisely!

Overall, making the switch to LED exterior flood lights costs a little upfront, but you’ll find savings in the long run. You’ll see more clearly, too, and heightened safety is invaluable.

But with all of this new light at your disposal, you’ll want to be sure to follow the Peter Parker Principle: “With great power comes great responsibility!” Darkness is a resource that’s becoming harder and harder to come by, affecting the lives and well-being of many nocturnal species.

Be sure to respect the environment that you’re in and any neighbors nearby, and only use your lights when needed and in appropriate places. Being able to see around your RV in the dark is great, providing comfort and security for you and your loved ones. But having powerful lights shining in your windows all night long is a real bummer… and surely something you wouldn’t want YOUR neighbors doing.  

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Friday 16th of April 2021

got the previous series docking lights from M4 GREAT product Forgot to get my 5% discount (Bummer) Thought about it when I just read this article


Friday 16th of April 2021

Aren't those docking lights awesome?! Sorry about the 5%, but great to hear you're happy with the lights.

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