Peterborough Lift Lock - Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

You may have noticed that we’re fascinated by the way things work. So we made a special trip to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada to visit one of the coolest pieces of engineering we’ve ever seen – The Peterborough Lift Lock.

In typical RVgeeks fashion, we explain exactly how it works in this fun video. If you thought our trip to the Panama Canal was cool, wait until you see this amazing lock in action!

Those of you who follow us on Instagram know that we’re currently RVing across the English countryside, and that we met with David Johns of Cruising The Cut fame. David is a fellow RVer part of the time, but spends the bulk of his time living aboard a narrowboat on the canals of England.

Our fascination with locks will continue, as we shot footage of us locking David’s boat up and down the Grand Union Canal. Look for that video, along with some others about our U.K. RV coming soon!

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