You may have noticed that we’re fascinated by the way things work. So we made a special trip to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada to visit one of the coolest pieces of engineering we’ve ever seen – The Peterborough Lift Lock.

In typical RVgeeks fashion, we explain exactly how it works in this fun video. If you thought our trip to the Panama Canal was cool, wait until you see this amazing lock in action!

Those of you who follow us on Instagram know that we’re currently RVing across the English countryside, and that we met with David Johns of Cruising The Cut fame. David is a fellow RVer part of the time, but spends the bulk of his time living aboard a narrowboat on the canals of England.

Our fascination with locks will continue, as we shot footage of us locking David’s boat up and down the Grand Union Canal. Look for that video, along with some others about our U.K. RV coming soon!

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  1. The engineering way back then blows my mind. As always, your videos and drone videos are top notch. Thank you for that great video travel experience.

  2. Hi guys, I’m a big fan and have been watching for years it seems. My wife and I live close by Peterborough in a little town called Bobcaygeon. I f you ever get an opportunity, try and take a tour of the entire Trent canal system. A series of over 60 locks over hundreds of miles. My favourite is the Big Chute near Coldwater. I enjoy your channel, keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks, Steve! We wish that we’d had more time to explore more of the canal system… but we had to keep moving, so couldn’t see more than we did. But we want to come back, and hope to make it up to the Big Chute next time!

  3. Since we all know you are in England I thought that you were on a lock on the River Nene in Peterborough, United Kingdom. But the photo at the start of the video startled me, it’s huge! THEN I read the video description: The Peterborough Lift Lock, Peterborough Ontario. Now that I know this was a video from a couple of months ago all the pieces fell into place. But it would be fun if you found a narrow boat canal in England with a lock like that.

    1. LOL! Sorry about the “time warp”, John! We are definitely not up-to-date on our video release, since we were in Peterborough (ON) back in July… so for those following us on Instagram, where we post in more real-time, it can be confusing (sorry!).

      We definitely want to come back to England and rent a narrowboat to explore on our own… and maybe we’ll make it up to the Anderton Boat Lift… or, better yet, the Falkirk Wheel, in Scotland! ?

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