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Finding the right campground is essential to having a good camping experience. We’ve all arrived at campgrounds that looked good on paper but were nightmarish in reality. If only there was a way to learn about other campers’ experiences at a particular location before we reserve a spot there. They could give us the dirt – the pros, the cons, and the best sites for quiet, cleanliness, water views, and amenities.

There are a number of ways to learn more about a campground before planning a stay. We recently published a post and video on our favorite trip planning tools, and today we’ll be going into a little more depth about one of our favorites — The Dyrt app.

What does it do? How does it work? That’s what today’s post is all about, so let’s get rolling.

What is The Dyrt App?

The Dyrt is a free camping app (available for iOS and Android) and website ( It’s a highly-regarded app that includes photos, reviews, information, and tips on over 500,000 locations throughout the United States.

And here’s the best part — the information is crowdsourced directly from fellow campers who also use The Dyrt… users who have experience camping at these locations. They’re simply sharing their experiences with the rest of us so that we can make informed decisions about where we’d like to stay (or not!) based on our criteria for what a great camping experience involves.

Find Campgrounds Near You with The Dyrt App

The Dyrt allows you to locate campgrounds near you, conducting your search by features or amenities important to you.

The Dyrt app gives you many ways to search for the perfect campground for you.
The Dyrt app allows you to search for a campground with features and amenities that are important to your camping experience.

With photos, reviews, tips, and information on over 500,000 locations, there’s an excellent chance that you’re near a campground on The Dyrt app. There’s also a very good chance the app can help you assess whether a particular campground is right for you.

The creators of The Dyrt app had a fantastic idea to gamify The Dyrt. They gave campers the ability to earn points toward free gear if they posted honest campground reviews. With this incentive, the app exploded with more photos and reviews than any similar app.

They even have a giveaway running for 2021. If you post a review of any campground that you’ve ever visited, you’ll have a chance to win prizes from top outdoor brands like Eddie Bauer.

Features of The Dyrt App

The Dyrt has many unique features, including a trip planner (PRO level membership required… keep reading), user forums, and even a magazine full of articles campers might like. Let’s take a closer look:

Campgrounds and Filters

The 500,000+ campgrounds featured in The Dyrt app are searchable using a variety of filters.

For example, you can filter by 7 park types, 18 site features, 4 site access options, or use your own keyword.

The Dyrt Trip Planner

The Dyrt Trip Planner is a feature of the optional Dyrt Pro membership. Even though the Pro level is a subscription-based service, you can try it free for 90 days! It lets you build your camping trip from scratch or start with a recommended trip.

The Dyrt App PRO Trip Planner Tool
The Dyrt PRO Trip Planner allows you to plan a fantastic RV trip with great information at your fingertips all the way.

You can customize your route, select campgrounds along the way, estimate your fuel costs, and find big rig gas stations. You can even export the trip to Google Maps to guide you through the entire journey.

The Dyrt Forums

The Dyrt offers forums for all users, and you can choose your discussions of interest by sorting through the topics of each “campfire discussion.” You can ask questions or just browse the campfires and read through the conversations that interest you.

There are a wide variety of topics in conversations throughout the forums about traveling in different areas of the U.S., campgrounds, custom vehicle build-outs, heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, and just about anything any camper might be interested in chatting about around the campfire.

The Dyrt Magazine

The Dyrt Magazine is as interesting as the forums are. Each issue features articles of interest to campers, RVers, and outdoor adventurers. The articles and photos are so enticing that they beckon readers to hit the road and find their way to any one of dozens of campgrounds, resorts, national forests, or parks.

What is The Dyrt Pro?

The Dyrt Pro is a fee-based membership that offers premium features not found in the free version of The Dyrt app. These include using the trip planner feature and map layers that allow you to find free dispersed camping. There’s also offline access that lets you use the app, even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Even though there’s a cost associated with Pro level access, we think the additional tools and services it includes are well worth the price. And again, you can try it free for 90 days!

The Dyrt PRO offers additional membership perks.
The Dyrt PRO offers a number of excellent features such as the Trip Planner, May Layers, and a variety of discounts.

After your free trial, The Dyrt Pro costs $35.99 per year (as of the date of this post), but you’ll likely get your money back in campground and gear discounts. You could also get 40% off your first stay at an affiliated campground, which could pay for the entire year’s membership.

90-Day Free Trial
The Dyrt Logo
The Dyrt PRO 90-Day Trial

Use the "Go To The Deal" button to access the website, then click the "Redeem Your Gift" button found there to start your FREE 90-DAY TRIAL (a credit card is required, but you can cancel at any...Show More

Use the "Go To The Deal" button to access the website, then click the "Redeem Your Gift" button found there to start your FREE 90-DAY TRIAL (a credit card is required, but you can cancel at any time).

Read Our RV Trip Planner Post

NOTE: the discount code field should fill in automatically. If it doesn't, click "I have a discount code" and enter code RVGEEKS90 to start your free 90-day trial.

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Reviews Make The Dyrt App Great

Information that comes straight from campers who have similar interests to yours is really helpful. They’ve scored the good, bad, and ugly, as well as the fantastic, memorable, and not-to-be-missed!

They’ve taken photos so that you can see the area from a camper’s or RVer’s viewpoint rather than only showing the perspective of the campground owner or a marketing professional.

The Dyrt app allows campers to post photos.
Users of The Dyrt app post photos and reviews allowing fellow users of the app a real look at the campground they’re researching.

For example, The Dyrt app’s reviewers might tell you what happened when they tried to drive their big rig into site #4, or how campground XYZ has a whooooooole lot of ticks, so it’s not great for Fido. They’ll tell you about the most beautiful sunrise they’ve ever seen over the most pristine stretch of water they’ve ever kayaked.

Reviews really do make The Dyrt great!

How to Find the Best Campground for You with The Dyrt App

You can use filters to select what’s important to you. For example, do you need a pet-friendly campground? Simply select that feature. If you’re traveling with your dog and need reliable WiFi, select both features. The Dyrt app will filter your search results accordingly.

You can choose from many features and amenities to find only places that will work well for you. You can even filter results using the type and size of your RV to make sure a campground can accommodate your rig, and be confident you’ll be able to navigate the area.

You can search by site type (tents, RVs, dispersed), access (drive-in, walk-in, hike-in, boat-in), features (fires allowed, alcohol allowed, pets allowed, showers, WiFi, phone service, market, etc.). You can also search by hookups, price, and even air quality!

The Dyrt makes finding a great campground easy.
For a bird’s eye view of your potential campground location, check out The Dyrt app!

Could You Use a Tool Like The Dyrt App?

The Dyrt is one of the most popular camping apps for a reason. Actually, for many reasons. There’s value for every camper. The only downside to The Dyrt is the amount of time you’ll spend browsing photos, reviews, articles, and forums because there’s SO much information to find.

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