You may recall that we posted here late last year that we would be co-hosting a new TV show about RVing called The RVers. This video shares the latest updates, and is also our official YouTube announcement about the series and our involvement in it.

The RVers comes to PBS this fall starring The RVgeeks, Technomadia, Mortons on the Move and Anthony Nalli, the show’s creator.

Also, we were recently interviewed by the camping, travel and outdoor magazine The Dyrt. Check it out here!


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  1. Hi guys,

    Bob here. We have now watched all episodes of the show and have told our thousands of customers to do the same. Great info and very well done! We watch it on Discovery out here in Oregon. Fantastic pics and make me want to be on the road again. Talk of a second season yet?


    Bob and Greg Cravens “The Siphon Guys”

    1. Hi Bob & Greg! Sorry we missed seeing your comment sooner. Thanks so much for your kind words. Not only will there be a second season, but it’s mostly shot already… and a third is under way, too! ????

  2. Looking forward to it, I would like to make a suggestion for an episode. A lot of us dream of this Lifestyle and are working towards it, but at present are weekend and summer road warriors. Maybe an in depth episode on Winter Storage and Spring Wake Up. I am sure there are a lot of people who have tricks and tips and there are those just starting out who could use the info.
    All the Best

  3. Hi Guys, hope your internet is working better now than Thursday. I live outside NYC and doubt WNET or WLIW will carry “The RVers.” Will it be streamed on for those whose station wont broadcast the show?

    1. Thanks Brian! Even if they don’t carry it, there will still be alot of options for watching the show, including iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play and others. There will also be another way to watch that hasn’t been announced just yet. Stay tuned! ?

  4. I’m excited for the show to begin. I will set the programing on my DVR for recording every episode so I don’t miss it.

  5. Many of us are looking forward to your input on this new show. (Plus I’m keen to see how you and Chris handle working with such ‘stars’ as the you-know-whos.?)

  6. Does mean that you’ll be moving to LA or NY and hob-nob with entertainment royalty?

    Or are you going to continue to ‘homestead’ in beautiful BC so us local fans can bask in the glow of knowing some local TV heros?

    Once you get more famous this is what I’ll be looking for: ??

    1. LOL! Not likely, John! We’re pretty sure that the “entertainment royalty” doesn’t want us “trailer trash” hanging around! We’re staying right where we are! ?

    1. Hi Trisha! In addition to PBS, the show will be available on Chek TV (in Canada) as well as on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video, and Microsoft… so it will be available to stream, if you can’t get it over-the-air.

  7. This is fantastic! Can’t wait!! You guys are an inspiration to my wife and I. We’ve learned so much from you. Keep doing what you do…onwards and upwards!

    1. Hi Chip! Good question! It’s up to each individual station to determine what programming they want to air… but we’d suspect that if they heard from viewers that they were interested in a particular show, it would incentivize them to consider it more seriously! ? Here’s a link to the PBS Station Locator, which will give you information about how to contact your local PBS station:


  8. This is good news. I will keep my fingers crossed that my local PBS with its limited budget will pick up your show.

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