We’re excited to be sharing the breaking news with you that the producer of the upcoming TV series, The RVers, has just press released the official announcement of the show. And guess who will be the Class A hosts…. that’s right… US!

UPDATE! We’re thrilled to announce that our dear friends Tom & Caitlin of Mortons On The Move will be our new co-hosts. Welcome Tom & Cait!


From the Press Release:

FourPoints Television produces the award-winning series The Aviators, the world’s most popular aviation TV series, entering its 8th season on PBS, iTunes, Amazon, etc. with a worldwide viewership of more than 50 million in over 100 countries. As avid RVers, the time has come for us to embark on an Aviators spin-off catering to an RV audience, The RVers.

The show will take viewers along for the ride as RV-celebrity hosts provide an in-depth look at each and every aspect of the world of RVing catering to the specific needs of the viewer, with hosts mindfully serving as facilitators serving those needs. Stunning photography, emotive insights, strategic direction, and masterful writing and editing ensures that The RVers will far and away be superior to any other RV show ever produced.

Be sure to read the complete press release.

You can also stay up to date on the latest news as the show comes together:

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We’re honored to be part of this exciting project. If you’ve seen the production quality that goes into The Aviators, you’ll have as much confidence as we do that this is going to be a great show. Of course we’ll do our best to contribute our 15+ years of RVing knowledge, too!

Thanks for being here with us from the start!

Safe Travels,
Peter & John

P.S.… Don’t think that we’re letting any of this go to our heads… we still plan on producing all of our current content, so nothing here (or on YouTube) will change. As always, thanks so much for your support!

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