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The RVers TV Show

The RVers TV Show

Having landed on this page, you may already know who the RVgeeks are. We’re Peter Knize & John Sullivan, and since 2011 we’ve co-hosted The RVgeeks, one of YouTube’s most popular channels about RVing. That’s why in 2019 when we had a chance to make the big leap to broadcast television as co-hosts and Co-Executive Producers of the TV series The RVers, we grabbed it with gusto!

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On the site you’re reading now we post regularly about all things RVing, with a focus on DIY maintenance, upgrades, and upkeep – so that other RVers can follow along and care for their own rigs similarly. But we’re not vacationing RVers. For us, RVing is a lifestyle.

We’ve been living, working, and traveling full time in a Class A motorhome for nearly two decades. And now, lo and behold, we find ourselves part of a lifestyle craze that’s sweeping the world. Cue the curtain opening on The RVers TV series!

From The Aviators to The RVers: Who is Anthony Nalli?

The RVers is the brainchild of Anthony Nalli, creator and Executive Producer The Aviators, the world’s most popular TV series on aviation.

Anthony Nalli, Executive Producer and Director of The RVers

Anthony Nalli — Creator and Executive Producer of The Aviators and The RVers

Anthony and his wife Lisa sold their home and took to the road in an RV in 2015 with their 2 rescue dogs, Georgie and Charlie. They’d come around to the idea of RVing as part of their need to travel with lots of gear for filming episodes of The Avitators.

Seeing the explosion in RV living around them gave Anthony all the inspiration he needed to put his producing and directing skills to work on a new television series dedicated to the RV lifestyle. The RVers has quickly become a hit.

What Makes “The RVers” So Popular?

The RVers is a big hit with RV enthusiasts all over the world as it focuses on every aspect of RVing, from what to consider when buying an RV, to driving it, to practical tips on boondocking, to maintaining and repairing an RV.

The entire cast travels extensively, shooting for the show as we go. We all own our own rigs, of course, but international RV travel also plays a big role in the show, as cast members rent RVs when traveling in other countries. Not only can you tour those RVs by watching the show, but you can also tour those beautiful countries along with us.

For example, in Season 2 of the show, we spent a month RVing in Italy. In Season 3, you’ll see the gorgeous footage we gathered with our friends and co-hosts Tom & Cait Morton of Mortons on the Move as they spent five epic weeks RVing with us across New Zealand.

Speaking of whom…

Meet the Cast of The RVers

In addition to Anthony Nalli to whom we introduced you above, cast members of The RVers include us, Peter Knize & John Sullivan of the RVgeeks, Tom & Caitlin Morton of Mortons on the Move, and Adam & Celine McLaughlin and their three sons, known as The RVers Family.

Peter Knize & John Sullivan: The RVgeeks

Peter Knize and John Sullivan, Co-Hosts and Co-Executive Producers of The RVers.

Peter Knize and John Sullivan, the RVgeeks, Co-Hosts and Co-Executive Producers of The RVers

You know us as full-time RVers for nearly 2 decades, and as hosts of the RVgeeks blog and YouTube channel. We cover all things RVing, with a special focus on DIY maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

We’ve lived, worked, and traveled in a Class A motorhome since 2003, so we’ve encountered an array of issues to resolve and experienced many different challenges and solutions to share with the RV community.

We’re thrilled to be Co-Hosts and Co-Executive Producers of The RVers, and we’re immensely proud of its success. (And if you think Season 1 and Season 2 were great, wait ‘til you see Season 3!)

RVgeeks’ social media:

Tom & Caitlin Morton: Mortons on the Move

Tom and Cait Morton

Tom and Cait Morton, our Co-Hosts, dear friends, traveling companions, and general partners in crime!

In 2015, Caitlin and Tom left their jobs and sold their home to live in an RV. In the six years since, they’ve been on the move, living and working full-time from their RV.

They’ve traveled extensively throughout the United States, including an absolutely epic trip to Alaska as depicted in their fantastic series, Go North, available on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

Tom and Caitlin have also enjoyed some magnificent RV travel outside the country, as you’ll see in Season 3 of The RVers!

Mortons on the Move’s social media:

Adam & Celine McLaughlin: The RVers Family

Celine and Adam McLaughlin and their three sons

Celine and Adam McLaughlin and their three sons, left-to-right, Ian, Zac, & Joel… The RVers Family.

Adam and Celine have been on the road with their three sons since August of 2018 when they decided to sell everything they owned and move their family into a renovated travel trailer.

Since then they have been running a digital marketing business from the road, and roadschooling their boys.

Adam and Celine are the online hosts of The RVers YouTube Channel.

How to Watch The RVers

You can watch The RVers on The Discovery Channel (including Discovery GO the day after airing & on-demand), PBS (check your local PBS station here), iTunes/AppleTV, Amazon VideoFun Roads TVGoogle Play, the Microsoft Store, and YouTubeTV. The RVers is also available internationally on the Wild Network in Canada, and iTunes in English-speaking countries such as Canada, the U.K., and Australia.

Prefer DVDs for off-grid watching? Check out The RVers online shop.

If you’d like a little more information about each episode, check out the episode guide.

What’s Next for The RVers?

Brand new Season 4 episodes of The RVers will premiere on the Discovery Channel (in the US) on Saturday, May 14th, 2022 at 8 am Eastern & Pacific, 7 am Central, and 9 am Mountain Time.

Check out the teaser for the new season here:

If you’d like to catch a couple of segments of The RVers for free, head over to the show’s YouTube channel where you’ll find Peter teaching Cait to drive a big rig in the Season 1 pilot here, and in Episode 2 here. You can also watch a profile about us in one of the show’s “On the Road” features here.

To check out all of the show’s social media content, head to:

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