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Join us live on Wed, 4/15/20 at 8PM Eastern / 5PM Pacific as we’re interviewed by Adam from The RVers Family. We’ll be taking your questions live on the air about Solar, Boondocking, and The RVers TV show (Season One is currently re-airing on The Discovery Channel, and Season Two premieres on 5/16)!

We’ll be simulcasting on both YouTube and Facebook, so you can watch on whichever one you prefer using the links below. You can also post questions live, as long as you’re logged into your YouTube or Facebook account, respectively.

You can even go to the above YouTube link in advance, and set a reminder. 😉

Please join us live with your questions about Solar, Boondocking and The RVers. If you’d like to submit a question in advance, please leave it in the comments below, and we’ll pass it on to Adam.

If you miss the live broadcast, you can still watch afterward at any time using the same links, above.

We hope this note finds you and yours safe and healthy, and holding up well during the current Covid-19 crisis. We hope some time spent with us will help to keep you from going stir crazy!

Special thanks to Tom of Mortons On The Move for taking the above photo of us while we were recently on lockdown with him and Caitlin in New Zealand. Look for upcoming videos about our NZ RV trip on both The RVgeeks and MortonsOnTheMove YouTube channels. And be sure to follow both The RVgeeks and the Mortons on Instagram.

Hope to see you all Wednesday evening!

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  1. Damn. I missed this live event. So sorry. And I had so many questions as I was just finishing my Li battery upgrade and PV install (eight 160 watt panels). This is my third PV install. By far my largest on our rig. So many options and a fun learning curve. Hope to catch you guys next time.

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      Sorry the timing didn’t work for you, Mike! Sounds like you’ve got a solar array almost identical to ours, now! Enjoy all those photon-produced electrons! 😉

      1. It is similar in function, but with just one charge controller via 4 gu wiring) and flat mounted panels. I couldn’t get the tilt mounts from Kevin. Took your advise and ran a second set of feeder lines from the roof for future needs (if ever or even powering Kevin’s mounts). Very pleased as it fully charged six Battle-Born batteries in just a few hours. Now I need to rewire the Precision Circuits power center for powering the heated floors so my toes stay warm. Our cats will like it too…Happy travels…

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          Sounds great, Mike. We found out after posting the video that SolaRVector has stopped production of the tilt kits we used as they were re-working the design on them AND coming up with something new (still waiting for an announcement on that)! Out of curiosity… what brand & model charge controller did you go with for your system? 8 x 160W panels is pretty large for a single controller!

  2. The Solar and Boondocking Q&A was excellent. As per previous conversations, we’re going to upgrade our house batteries this year (Full River, of course) and assess the state of our existing solar infrastructure. We’re also planning a boondocking test trip later this year. Thanks again for your valuable insights into both pursuits.

    Stay safe!

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  3. Question: Many of your videos show great fixes that can work for people who are capable with handling some of these issues themselves.
    But how about those who are not “do it your selfers” . How does one find places or people that can do repairs on an RV without breaking the bank?

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  4. You guys are the best! Every time I talk with a vendor whose product you have reviewed, I mention that your reviews and comments were the reason for my purchase. Examples include Roadmaster, M4 Products, and National Indoor RV Storage and they are very pleased with your candid and factual reviews. Please give us a review on your electric bikes, bike carrier, swing away hitch and if you plan to cover the bikes (extra lights on the rack might be required), and locks. Also if could discuss weight considerations when adding bikes/carriers to the back of a vehicle, that would be helpful too!

    Be safe and keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks so much, Larry! That is so great to hear. We have lots to talk about regarding our Rad bikes, RakAttach and bike rack. We’ll provide your awesome question to Adam to ask us during the broadcast, but if he doesn’t get to it for any reason, we’ll be sure to come back here and reply with details. Hope you can join us live.

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      Hi Again Larry!

      Since Adam didn’t get to your question during the live broadcast (we’re blaming him! LOL), we wanted to stop back here to answer. First thanks for your kind words. We’re so happy to hear that you’re finding satisfaction in the same RV brands we use and love. Although we’ve had very litle opportunity so far to ride our new RAD bikes, we had considerable opportunity to ride Tom & Cait’s RAD bikes when we spent a month in the desert with them this past winter, and LOVED them, which is what led us to order them.

      Unlike so many others we’ve tried, these fat tire bikes with really big wheels are awesome for bombing around off road. So many others have tiny wheels and narrow tires and are only designed for around town (and look kinda silly with a big guy riding them, too)! The folding aspect was meaningless for us, as even a folding electric bike is too heavy and large to bring inside anywhere. Since the rack is their permanent home, folding was unnecessary, eliminating the need for the compromises that folding brings (little wheels, less stable ride/feel, etc). These are super robust bikes.

      We ordered our 1UP rack with the fat tire adapters, which allowed the big wheels and tires to fit, and it works great (we got the “Super Duty Double”) rack to handle the weight of the two bikes (about 75 lbs each).

      Here are the links to exactly what we got:

      RAD Rover 5:
      1Up Super Duty Double bike rack:
      Medium-size RakAttach:

      We originally had a 1.25 hitch receiver on our CR-V, with a 1,500 lb towing capacity and 150 lb max tongue weight. That isn’t enough for 150 lbs of bikes + rack + swing arm, so we removed it (passed it on to our friends Brian & Melissa of RV With Tito, since they have the identical CR-V, but had no hitch)!

      This is the new hitch we installed:

      We also ordered a rear rack and a small basket for one of the bikes, a tube top bag for the other, and locks for both.

      As far as a cover, we bought one that totally covered the entire rack and bikes really well. Luckily, it was reasonably inexpensive (about $70), since testing on the highway with just the car (not being towed by the RV) made us uncomfortable. The combination of the weight of the RakAttach, the bike rack, the bikes, and now the wind resistance of the cover, made the whole assembly get pulled back a bit in the wind at highway speeds, allowing it to rock back and forth a lot more than we were comfortable with. We removed the cover, and decided that is was fine to have the bikes get dirty, in exchange for them staying on the car. 😉

      While everything would probably have been fine the way it was, I wanted to make sure that our first trip with the bikes would be okay, since it would cover about 1,300 miles in just over two days. So we picked up a couple of cinch straps, and connected each bike frame (just below each bike seat) diagonally down to the horizontal bar on the trailer hitch itself. Those angled straps TOTALLY prevented the bikes from leaning backward in the wind, making them super stable, and we made a relaxed, safe trip from Las Vegas to BC with no trouble at all (other than dirty bikes). LOL

      The racks works great, and the RAKattach is fantastic, allowing us total access to the back of our car. We highly recommend all of these components. We’ll surely be making a detailed video this summer. Can’t wait to complete our 14-day quarantine and get out on our bikes, especially considering how awesome the weather has been. Hope this helps!

      1. Wow! Thank you for the comprehensive reply!

        We enjoyed your live broadcast. You both are very knowledgeable and were able to share detailed answers to questions on boondocking, solar and lithium battery installs and technology while including realistic assesments of payback and necessity based on the style of camping one does. I love your suggestion to trial boondock at a full hookup campground with the breaker off at the pedestal, the gray and black closed, and the water bib off!

        After retiring at the end of 2018, our full timing adventure began in March of 2019 in a 24’ Class C (no toad) that we have owned for many years. Our travels from Florida were up to the Smokies and on to Indiana, over to New Jersey and New York to visit our daughters, then up to Maine and a couple of months in the Maritimes. We then traveled across the top of the US stopping at national and state parks to Seattle and then down the coast to Los Angles and wintering in Arizona.

        Your research is impeccable and after your last video showing the bikes and rack installation, I had to ask some questions as we work to upgrade our setup. We also purchased RadRovers (they are really phenomenal) in early 2019 and decided to use an existing Thule rack (not designed for the weigh of ebikes) but upgraded with fat tire attachments. After hearing about bike thefts, before starting our full timing we added two chain locks (Krptonite Fahgettaboudit and Hiplok Homie) to lock the bikes together and also to the receiver and a ABUS U lock and Kryptonite cable if we rode somewhere and needed to leave the bikes unattended for awhile. In addition we covered the bikes with a Formosa bike cover when traveling. Our bike rack was attached to the back of our motorhome since we did not have a toad at that time. After a busy 20,000 miles in the last 12 months of travel (yeah were were a little crazy!), the Thule held up although I did add a couple of brackets to strengthen it. LED trailer tail lights were also added to the rear bike rack cross bar since the bikes and the cover cover tended to block the tail lights of the motorhome and we wanted to be well seen. The RadRovers have been a blast in the desert this winter and we have been dry camping in many state and national parks, but cut our teeth boon docking for a week at a time in Quartzsite off of Plumosa Rd.

        Recently (pre Covid-19) we purchased a used Jeep and have been enjoying exploring the 4 wheel drive trails around Death Valley, Valley of Fire, and in Arizona. With towing the Jeep behind the motorhome (with the Roadmaster Nighthawk which we love thanks to you) we moved the bike rack to the 2” receiver on the back of the Jeep. We also noticed that the cover sticks out beyond the sides of the Jeep (not so when it was on the motorhome) and it does provide some drag. Like you, we also were looking for a bike rack that would handle the weight of the RadRovers and had 1UP at the top of the list. One challenge as you noted was that you can not get into the back of a SUV or Jeep without removing the bikes and rack so we were researching a swing away hitch (Wilco Hitchswing, Rockymounts Swing Away, Kuat Pivot and the Rackattach swing away). I do not like to see any movement of the bikes when we travel and want the loading of the bikes to be as quick and simple as possible. Your idea to strap the bikes down the rack to limit movement, especially when the set up in new and you are just getting use to it, was smart and even more so with your long haul back to British Columbia.

        Your detailed response was very kind especially with how busy you are with your TV and YouTube endeavors.

        Stay safe and keep up imparting your experiential wisdom. We feel that our skill level RVing and boondocking has increased exponentially because of your willingness to share.

        We hope your quarantine time goes quickly and you are able to go riding soon.

        Larry and Debra

  5. Hope you folks are back home safe and sound! Please tell the producers of ‘The RVers’ to lower the volume of the background music on the show ….. we have such a hard time hearing the dialog. I’m sure we’re not the only ones. We just can’t watch the show when we can’t hear the content.

    Thanks and stay safe and healthy!

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      Hi Ron! Thanks very much for your well wishes, and your feedback. After the initial airing of Season One last fall, we did hear the same concern about the volume of the music from a few other people. We passed that on to the producer of the show, and he has assured us that the editing team has taken that feedback VERY seriously, so we’re anticipating a big improvement in Season Two, which premieres on Saturday morning, May 16. Hope you find things better as we continue to hone the production quality of the show.

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