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Hi All! We’re still in New Zealand, but hoping to be on a rescheduled flight soon. In the meantime, we wanted to alert you to our imminent return to The Discovery Channel!

Season One of The RVers will re-air in its entirety beginning Saturday, April 4 at 8:00 AM (7 Central). Be sure to set your DVR so you don’t miss a single episode. Immediately following the Season One finale, the premiere of Season Two begins on Saturday, May 16th with all new episodes!

We’ve been here in New Zealand for over a month with our dear friends and co-hosts Tom & Caitlin of Mortons on the Move, where we’ve been shooting for the show. We’re excited to report that Season Two shooting is officially a wrap, and we’ll be sitting back to watch the results with all of you once the show’s editing team has worked their magic.

We hope you’re all safe and sound during this challenging time, and that The RVers can provide some much-needed entertainment (and useful information) while we all work to avoid going stir-crazy. Look for us for 12 straight weeks, every Saturday morning beginning April 4.

The RVers airs on The Discovery Channel in the United States. If you’re outside the US, or want to see the show commercial-free and with bonus content, it’s also available on iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, and other streaming services. We also air on PBS (check your local station for dates and times).

Visit the show’s website for more details on how to watch us!

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      Hi John! Thanks for checking in… we’re doing fine. Flights all went smoothly and, with any luck, we made it back germ free (and, surprisingly, US Customs & Immigration had NO additional screening when we arrived at LAX… just the usual passport & customs control, without ANY mention of COVID-19, no health questions, and no talk about quarantining!!! YIKES!!). Thanks to NIRVC we were able to get home and back into our RV without even seeing anyone, so we’ve been isolated since we got back. And with some well-planned online shopping, we were able to re-stock the pantry and fridge with lots of non-perishable food, so we’ll be able to make it through our 14-day self-quarantine when we get back to BC in a couple of days.

      Roads are pretty empty (other than truckers), so the drive has been quite nice. We don’t expect any further obstacles to making it home.

      1. Great to hear that you both got back to the US safely without a hitch, and good luck on the road trip back to Canada, safe travels :)

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  1. Have been thinking about you and the Mortons since you reported you’re stuck in NZ. Glad to hear you were able to reschedule your flight. Also very happy that season 2 is “in the can”. Can’t wait to watch. I presume the pandemic will affect your work on season 3 – at least the release date. Wishing you a safe trip back to Canada (which is hopefully where you’ll be soon.)

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      Thanks so much! The release date for season three will be spring of 2021, so we are hopeful/confident that it will not be affected. We certainly hope not! Hope you and yours are safe & sound.

  2. 245,601 cases of Coronavirus in the US and 868 cases in New Zealand. Why are in such a hurry to leave?

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