Taping The RVers Season 2 Premiere With a Live Studio Audience! + LIVE BROADCAST TODAY!

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The RVers Season 2 Premiere on 5/16 on Discovery features show creator Anthony Nalli and Xscapers founders Travis & Melanie Carr. Today’s video is us taping that show in front of a live studio audience at the Xscapers Annual BASH in Lake Havasu City, AZ! Cait Morton is also featured in Episode 1 providing useful tips on RVing with Pets.

Set your alarm (or your DVR) for this coming Saturday, 5/16, as The RVers returns to the Discovery Channel in the U.S. at 8AM Eastern & Pacific, 7AM Central and 9AM Mountain time.

While you’ll see us on screen a bit in Episode 1, we were mostly busy behind the scenes this time. We’ll be back to regular hosting duties in Episode 2 in a segment on Boondocking for Newbies, Episode 3 on International RVing (filmed in Italy), Episode 4 on RV Electrical and Flat vs Dolly Towing, Episode 5 on RV Solar, and more.

The RVers also airs on PBS and Fun Roads TV in many U.S. markets, and is also available to stream on iTunes/AppleTV (in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the U.K.), Amazon Video  Google Play, the Microsoft Store, YouTubeTV, and the Wild Pursuit Network in Canada (the streaming services offer the show commercial-free, and with added bonus content).

Season 1 is already available on the above channels/services, and Season 2 will roll out in a staggered release after the Discovery Channel airings… so check your listings!

Live Q&A with the FULL CAST of the show, TODAY!

Tune in to the show’s YouTube channel on Thursday, May 14 at 8 PM Eastern to join the entire cast (Anthony, Peter, John, Tom & Caitlin) along with the online hosts of the show, the RVers Family (Adam & Celine), as we take your questions live on the air.

Here’s the link, which you can visit in advance to set a reminder:


The show’s YouTube channel also features teasers, trailers and fun glimpses behind the scenes as we create the show.

Check the show website for more information, and follow The RVers on Facebook. We hope you can join us this Thursday & Saturday, and every Saturday!

Watch our presentation at last year’s BASH on RV batteries: Lithium vs AGM vs Flooded Lead-Acid, and also see our post on how we (and you) can support the Escapees CARE Center when you join Escapees.

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  1. I had a great time at Silly All’s this passed January with you guys and Anthony’s band, will you guys be there next January???

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  2. This is great! I really want to start making money “on the road” remotely. I am retired, but want to contribute. Still looking for something.

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