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We create a video mash-up between two of our very favorite companies, showing that upgrading RV lights to LED is child’s play!

We’re all about doing things ourselves. There’s not much we hate more than paying someone else to do something we can do on our own. So discovering sources of retail products that can also be professionally installed is one of our favorite times to go DIY.

Identifying a trusted supplier of quality RV components is always a revelation, and we reciprocate by becoming loyal customers. Never has that been more true than the special relationship we’ve developed with Tough Top Awnings and M4 Products, which is why you’ve seen us feature their products so often and so enthusiastically.

The first time we bought a slide topper from Tough Top Awnings, we weren’t sure exactly how to install it. A phone call to Ray, Tough Top’s owner, quickly answered our questions. And the finished project was better than anything we could have hired a shop to do, since they use the same ratty OEM fabric that failed in the first place. Each subsequent fabric replacement has had the same superior result. We visited their shop in Vancouver, WA and quickly developed a mutual respect and friendship with Ray and his Operations Manager, Tyler.

The first time we bought LEDs from Steve at M4 Products, we were also impressed by both his responsive customer service (even before we bought anything), and the obvious quality of his bulbs. Like Tough Top, we’d given M4 a chance because we’d read universally positive reviews of the products, customer service and ethics of their business.

It means a lot to us that both companies are run by fellow RVers. We know that they “get it” when it comes to working on an RV, since they do it themselves. And of course we’re grateful that they’ve agreed to offer a discount to our viewers, allowing us to become a bridge to helping everyone: a worthy company receives well-deserved attention and sales, and our fellow RVers become aware of what we think are the best products of their kind on the market, while getting a discount to boot.

So when we had the opportunity to combine our two favorite RV-related companies into one video, we jumped at the chance. While visiting the Tough Top Awnings shop in Vancouver, WA, we got Steve and Tyler together on a Skype video call and introduced them.

Since Tyler and Rick (Ray’s son and Tough Top’s webmaster… and another fellow RVer), both needed some LEDs, and we’d already seen the sad condition of Steve’s slide toppers when we visited him in the Desert SW this past winter… well the script writes itself.

The two companies are swapping gear, with Tyler & Rick’s LED upgrades featured here, and Steve’s slide topper replacements scheduled for this winter. We’ll be picking up replacement fabric in Vancouver on our way South to go snowbirding this year, and we’ll install them on Steve’s motorhome… on camera of course!

Thanks to Steve, Ray, Tyler, Rick, Peyton and Jordyn for appearing here. And thanks also to Ray’s wife, Sandy and to Christie (Ray & Sandy’s daughter) for making us feel at home over the July 4th weekend. The food, especially Sandy’s desserts, were outta this world! We’ll plan to diet a little more before our next visit. ;-)

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And of course watch all our DIY videos to see how to install them!

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