RV Tow Bar Update & Care, Plus a $1,000. Giveaway!

So we’re kinda excited… pinching ourselves… humbled… and very grateful to all of you. We’re about to hit two big milestones: 25,000,000 video views and 100,000 subscribers!

As a big THANK YOU, we’re giving away our most valuable prize ever (a retail value well over $1,000!) in our latest RVgeeks Giveaway.


Those of you who’ve been with us for a while may remember our very first experience with Roadmaster last year, when we took a tour of the factory to see how their Sterling All-Terrain non-binding tow bar is made. They hooked us up (a little tow bar humor, LOL) with our own Sterling, and we spent the next year trying it out.

In a follow-up video, we shared our enthusiasm for this great RV product. Regardless of how sharp an angle or steep an incline we tried to disconnect on, we didn’t experience a single incident of binding. After all the times we’d fought with our previous brand of tow bar, we could only hit ourselves in the head, V8 style… as in “We could have had a Roadmaster” all those years.

When Roadmaster created the new Nighthawk lighted tow bar, they apparently appreciated our videos enough to offer us the chance to debut it. What an honor it was to be given the opportunity to introduce such a cool new product. We want to send out a special thanks to our friend, and Roadmaster VP, David Robinson for making that happen.

We also owe David a thank you for making this giveaway possible, as when we discussed what to do with our practically-brand-new Sterling after only one year of use, he was totally on board with the idea of giving it away. And since we have to give complete credit where credit’s due… it was actually Tyler from Tough Top Awnings who delivered our Sterling to David (sorry we took a little artistic license in the video, Tyler). We appreciate your delivery services!

Now that David has arranged for a thorough inspection and tune-up of our Sterling, it’s the prize in our latest giveaway, and will be shipped to the winner directly from the Roadmaster factory.

On Sunday, August 27, 2017 at 5pm Pacific Time, one lucky RVgeeks viewer will win the actual Sterling All-Terrain tow bar that we featured in our first two Roadmaster videos!

If you don’t win the Sterling (or if you’d prefer the lighted Nighthawk), keep in mind that we’ve arranged (again, thank you David) for a special deal exclusively for our viewers. Here are the details:


Roadmaster is offering RVgeeks viewers a special package when they buy a Nighthawk tow bar factory direct. To place your order, call Roadmaster at (800) 669-9690 then select option 2 for sales. When you order a Nighthawk, just tell them you’d like the “RVGEEKS PACKAGE” and they’ll include a free heavy duty tow bar cover and a free hitch receiver lock, too! This $89 VALUE will keep your beautiful new Nighthawk secure and protected, like we keep ours. And FREE SHIPPING is included, too!

(800) 669-9690 – then select option “2” for Sales

Thanks to Roadmaster for giving us the opportunity to experience their awesome products. Visit their website to learn more: www.roadmasterinc.com

The prize for this giveaway is the actual tow bar that we featured in our first two Roadmaster videos. It comes equipped with safety cables and power cord to connect the toad car to the RV (those are built into the tow bar). But there’s more to towing than the bar itself, so the winner may need to purchase additional equipment to use their prize, especially if they’re setting up an RV and car to tow for the first time, and don’t yet have a base plate or braking system in place. Roadmaster is great about helping with any required guidance and parts, but we want to be clear that the tow bar by itself will only be immediately usable without further gear if the winner is already set up to tow a car behind their motorhome.

We’re also adding in one additional thanks to those of you who subscribe not only to our YouTube channel, but to this video blog, too. We know that subscribing to both means you might get double e-mails every time we release a video. We appreciate your being here as a larger part of our world.

We try to provide additional benefits that make subscribing here on our website worthwhile, like the alert we recently sent out about the incredible sale Amazon was offering on our favorite Viair compressor. We’re pleased to report that several hundred of you were able to take advantage of that deal and save over $100 off the usual price. We keep our eyes out for that sort of thing, but only our website subscribers were notified, as we didn’t create a video about the sale. We only posted about it here on TheRVgeeks.com, which immediately alerted our subscribers via e-mail.

With this being such a valuable giveaway, that we expect a lot of you will really want to win, we’re doing something just a little bit different than with most video releases. Our regular subscribers know that our giveaways allow you to enter once every day. That means that the sooner you hear about a giveaway, the more times you can enter during the contest period.

So we’re announcing the giveaway here on our website first, but not making the YouTube video public until later in the week. It’s just a small way to say “thanks” to our most loyal subscribers by giving them the opportunity to submit extra entries (again, one each day) before it’s public on YouTube.

Want to hear about special deals and resources, and of course our famous RVgeeks Giveaways? Are you reading this in 2019 and wishing you’d had the chance to win this great tow bar in 2017? Subscribe! :)

Again, thank you all for supporting our website and YouTube channel, allowing us to take more time away from our day jobs to create videos. It means a lot to us, and we really wanted you to know.

Oh yeah… keep scrolling down to enter the Giveaway! ;-)

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On Sunday, August 27th, 2017 at 5:00PM Pacific Time, one lucky RVgeeks viewer will win our Roadmaster Sterling All-Terrain Tow Bar, with a retail value well over $1,000! Use the form below to enter for your chance to win.


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PLEASE NOTE: We offer the option of including your phone number to ensure that we are able to quickly contact the winner. Phone numbers will never be shared or used for any other purpose.

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