We’ve been towing our Honda CR-V with the same towbar for over 13 years. All that time we’ve dealt with binding issues when trying to disconnect on curves or facing downhill. We figured that was just a part of RV life. A recent conversation with fellow full-timing friends led to a major change; further proof that you (or at least “we”) are never too old to learn new things!

We mentioned to our friends that we were planning to make a video about the techniques needed to release a towbar on hills and curves. They looked at us like we were crazy, telling us they’d never dealt with that issue before.

It turns out that the brand of towbar they were using, a Roadmaster, is an all-terrain, non-binding design that releases easily under almost any conditions, not just on the straight & level.

We were on our way to visit Tough Top Awnings in Vancouver, WA, and Roadmaster just happens to be right down the street from them. So we stopped by to find out what secret we’d been missing out on all these years. We not only took a tour, but actually saw Sterling towbars being made (the top-of-the-line aluminum model our friends have). It was like an episode of one of our favorite shows – How It’s Made – come to life!

Roadmaster has asked us to put one of their all-terrain towbars to the test. While we now have the same Sterling model our friends use, they have a whole series of “All-Terrain” bars designed to release at any angle.

It was great to see that this type of industry is alive and well in the USA, and we’re eager to try out this impressive piece of equipment for ourselves. After some initial testing, happily unbound, we’re off to a great start!

While our Blue Ox gave us many years of reliable service, we look forward to improving our RVing experience, free of a nuisance that we didn’t even know there was a solution for.

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