Here’s the Official Video Announcement – We’re Going Down Under!

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We’ve been dropping some hints for a while about big RVing plans that have been nearly a year in the making. So we’re excited to officially announce: We’re going caravanning in Australia!

We’re typing this on a very long flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, and will upload both the post and video when we land. The length of the flight is offset by the incredible cool factor of the truly massive Airbus A380 we’re aboard. It is absolutely enormous, and flying on one has been on our radar since they first went into service.

Before we pick up our campervan (that’s what us Aussies call a small motorhome ?), we’ll be on a 2-week vacation on yet another gigantic vehicle (just a little bit more about that in the video).

Once we hit the road, we’ll be sharing every aspect of our 2,700-kilometer drive from the Great Barrier Reef back to Sydney. We’ll compare the systems on our campervan to North American RVs, experience a mix of Holiday Parks and Freedom Camping and of course we’ll share the famous beauty and hospitality of Oz.

Besides videos, we’ll be sharing photos on Instagram (we’re RVgeeks there of course)!

We even had another one of those amazing kismet experiences, when the Australian team from The Legendary Pacific Coast, one of Australia’s Best Drives, was in Desert Hot Springs, CA shooting a promotional video the same day we arrived. They interviewed us about our trip, and will be following up with us Down Under as we pass through their area. We’ll post a link to their video as soon as it’s available.

Our trip was also publicized this week in the RV Daily Report.

Since we’ll officially be “on holiday” for the next couple of weeks before starting our road trip (we know our life looks like a perpetual vacation, but we’re working-age RVers, so not retired), we’ve scheduled a couple more videos to go live during that time, so keep an eye out for those. We’ll also be looking to connect with other RVers, so we can hopefully share a preview of caravanning Down Under before we hit the road ourselves.

Thanks for following along. We hope our trip is the great adventure we’ve been dreaming of.

Stay tuned!
John & Peter

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  10. What a great opportunity! Share, Share, Share, But most important enjoy yourselves! It’s OK to take a Vacation (with a few shared videos)

  11. Hello John & Peter!
    Just heard from Cheryl tonight that you guys were heading “down under”! Hope you have an awesome time on your two week vacation before you start your big awesome wonderful adventure RVing.
    Can honestly say you will have the adventure of your life.
    We are also heading “down under”, have a family Wedding on the Sunshine Coast March 20th. Will be in and around Brisbane most of the time but spending a relaxing week in Byron Bay, Mar. 26th to Apr. 2nd. Australia is one of our favorite destinations, having been many time so know you will love it and of course love the people.
    Just remember to keep to the left when driving, keep the shiny side up and have fun! Enjoy!

    1. Post
  12. Have a blast! Just don’t drink any nasty Fosters, try VB Victoria Bitter! I think they export Fosters anyway so you should be safe! Don in Tucson

  13. Oh gosh!!! Be careful!!! They drive on the wrong side of the road down there! We don’t want to loose you guys! I hope your trip is great. I’m looking forward to the upcoming videos.

  14. Look forward to hearing about your trip in the great outback.Its always been one of the top places i dream of exploring.Enjoy your vacation

  15. John, Peter Hi. I’m guessing that you are flying to Sydney then taking a cruise for two weeks and returning to Cairns for your road trip. We are in Australia now (Perth) but pick up a cruise ship at Brisbane next Friday (4th March) for a 63 day cruise so it would have been nice to meet you but maybe not this trip. You could be in for a surprise (shock) when you pick up your “camper van”, they’re not like the luxury of your Newmar ! This is our second trip to Oz, the first was three years ago and we spent 5 months mostly in camper vans starting on the west coast then down through Perth, along the south coast ( The Nullarbor ) then up and down the east coast twice as far north as Cairns. With only 2 1/2 weeks you will have to make big decisions on what to see and what to miss out until your next visit. Have a great trip and we will all be waiting for your next posts.

    ps. make sure everything is working on the camper van before you drive away.

  16. Omgosh I am so envious of and happy/excited for you right now!!! My wife and I are dying to go to Australia – to combine that with rv’ing – woot woot! Looking forward to the posts and heading down there someday ourselves (or with the kids in tow!). Have fun, be safe, G”day, Mates!

  17. Too awesome! One of the few foreign countries I’m interested in visiting. Then to RV it?!? I’m so looking forward to vacationing vicariously through you two. Be safe mates!

  18. Hi
    My name is Mike from Quebec. I go to Australie in 2000 at the same Time of olympic game is a great place .And i have a Westfalia since 15 years.I try watch your trip .
    Have a very Nice trip , go to see a show at Opéra House ,everything It Nice .like beach ,Coogee beach Bondy,beach at Town in Brisbane Fraser Island .Take a Falla Boat to Barrière de Corail .
    Very Nice trip for you !!!

  19. Wonderful news. We wish you a safe and pleasant trip. We will be following you on your website. Have a wonderful time down under :-) Fellow RV’ers Ali and Shannon from Mountain View CA.

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