Freedom Camping on the Mohaka River near Napier, NZ

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We’re in port again, this time in Napier, New Zealand. And just like everywhere else we’ve been Down Under, we’re seeing lots of RVers here. We’re taking a rafting trip down the Mohaka River and happened across yet another beautiful Freedom Camping location along its banks.

We even met someone with a very rare feature on their motorhome… a slide-out! It’s the very first one we’ve seen here so far. They had their RV custom built after seeing slide-outs in the States and deciding “We’ve having one of those!”

We’re now just a couple of days away from picking up our campervan in Cairns, Australia and more ready than ever to experience caravanning Down Under for ourselves.

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  3. It’s so good to learn that camper’s there are as friendly as here in the USA. But their motorhomes are so ugly. There’s nothing like American style.

  4. Hi guys, Wiki Camps Australia, is a good app I think costs approx. $7.00. Gives free camps ,also works offline. Hope you are having fun. Am in Australia I you need anything just let me know.

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      Thanks Stephen! We did indeed download Wikicamps. We arrived in Port Douglas yesterday evening and are literally replying to you from the boat as we return to harbor after an AMAZING day snorkeling the GBR! Can’t wait to start getting campervan videos up. Stay tuned! We love your country. ?

  5. As we travel north back home we are watching as you go along. Looks
    Like you both are enjoying yourselves a lot. Great to see the rv’ s along the way.

  6. Isn’t it interesting how different RV’s are in different countries. We’re so spoiled with our huge rigs and multiple slides. I am so interested to see how you feel about caravans there after living and traveling in one for a couple of weeks! Maybe you’ll come back home and really be ready to downsize. :)

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