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Like most RVers, we spend a lot of time exploring the wide open spaces of the great outdoors. But there are definitely times we like to visit large and medium size cities too. New Orleans is definitely one of those places and a great topic for our 50th YouTube video!

One problem with RVing in or around a city can be the availability of decent, reasonably priced camping. Usually the larger the city, the harder it is to find a campsite, especially for a large motorhome. Even some smaller cities have very limited facilities for RVers. All it takes is one good campground to do the trick, and that’s exactly what we have in the New Orleans area: Bayou Segnette State Park.

Bayou Segnette SP is a hidden gem, only about 12 miles from the French Quarter and downtown New Orleans. It offers paved roads and sites, 50-amp electric hook-ups, a dump station and modern restroom facilities. Best of all, it’s a beautiful camping environment and reasonably priced too.

A little Googling uncovered another great find for those wanting to learn more about New Orleans (and other cities too), while getting some exercise at the same time: Free Tours By Foot. They have a terrific business model where knowledgeable certified tour guides take people on free walking tours. All you pay is whatever gratuity you feel is appropriate. No strings, and great tours. And no, we are not paid to promote them! We just love great finds, and Free Tours By Foot is definitely one of them!

Visit their website:  http://www.freetoursbyfoot.com

Our first tour was through the Garden District, starting in one of the many historic cemeteries located around the city. The district is also full of historic houses, as well as those of several Hollywood celebrities who make New Orleans their home.

Our second tour of the day was through the famous French Quarter, which is surely one of the most colorful places you’ll ever visit. We strolled down Bourbon Street, listened to talented musicians and visited St. Louis cathedral.

We had time after each tour to enjoy some of New Orleans’ classic Creole dishes: gumbo, po boys, shrimp éttouffée, fried okra, jambalaya, greens & cornbread.

If you love food, music, history or the unusual (or all of the above), New Orleans is for you. Creole cooking is delicious and the eclectic mix of food, music and partying is fun and energizing. Of course if you plan to come to town during Mardi Gras, better reserve your campsite way, way in advance. wink

Next time you’re heading South, be sure to make time to visit this wonderful city.

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  1. This post is still relevant! We just stayed at Bayou Segnette State Park and used it as our base for visiting New Orleans. Thanks for taking the time to put up this information.

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  2. I would like to thank you very much for the very informative video.Being a rookie RVier I took your advice for the New Orleans State campground,including the Algiers ferry.Even though we had not the luxury of much time to spend in the
    area,we followed most of your suggestions and it was a very successful trip.Again thank you very much.I feel obligated
    and I would like to buy you a beer if you ever come to Boston,Mass.

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