We’re RVing in England! See how we dump & fill tanks, hook up at our campsite, and fill our own propane. That’s right… propane in England is like pumping gas in most of North America – DIY. The black tank is removable, black and grey water get disposed of in separate places, and a thin little extension cord provides about the same power as a typical 30-amp cord.

Full hook-ups are virtually non-existent. Even if you have a water spigot at your pitch (that’s a campsite in the U.K.) you can’t really connect the RV to it, so using the water pump is the only way to run water. We’re obviously not in Kansas.

Check out the video to see how we hook up, dump and fill our U.K. RV.

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  1. Thank you for the great video and teaching lesson. Seriously, if anyone is thinking of going to the UK, this is a great way to do it! I might be able to convince the hubs to do this! Are you going to Ireland? We really would love to go there…

    1. Thanks, Tina! We hope you can convince your husband to go… because it really is wonderful over there. We LOVED it. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to make it to Ireland on this trip, but we do want to get back there and travel around some more!

  2. Hey guys!!! Great Video again..but why do you always have to dump the black tank?? Time to swap tasks!!!! Your significant other inside on computer while you labor outside!!!

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Laurel! Glad you’re enjoying it. We didn’t plan to do an video about the costs, since over time that would get outdated and people might be caught off guard when a few years later things were more expensive (no one ever looks at the date a video was published, LOL!). But the unit we rented from Just Go Motorhomes cost us about $750 US per week, give or take. Pitches (sites) at campsites (RV Parks) typically cost around £20-£25 per night (which was about $25-$31 US based on the exchange rate when we were there) for a site with at least electric hookup and, occasionally, water too.

      Considering the fact that the teeny-tiny hotel room we stayed at in London when we arrived was about $325/night (YIKES!), RVing was DEFINITELY more cost effective! LOL!

      Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks for going into that!
        I was curious how to much to budget for. Oh, I know London is ridiculously expensive but it’s so great too. So much history in one place.

  3. I wish the LPG self fill was available here. I was considering getting a smart tote for my use when RV’ing in boon docking sites that have an exit dump station. I always carry a full 6 gallon blue fresh water tank in case In need it. I must admit, after watching your video, England has a pretty good system for RV’ing black and grey dump access.

    1. Hi Roger! Just like we prefer self-service fuel (available in all US States except NJ and OR… if anyone’s going to spill fuel on my rig, it had better be ME!) we loved being able to pump our own propane. We definitely liked a lot of the differences there.

  4. LPG or propane fill should always be done with glasses or safety glasses on. That depressurizing cloud is cold. When I was a kid, every farming community seemed to have a farmer who had an eye injury from filling propane tractors. The more usual was loss if sight in an eye from a combination of pressure and cold. We didn’t have the safety shields that the UK has but those shields are not fool proof. Remember that you often have to stand back when your US tanks are filled

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