UPDATE: High Pressure RV Tire Inflation

This is an update to our video How To Inflate High Pressure RV Tires. If you haven’t already seen it, this one won’t make sense. You can watch it here:

UPDATE! If you want to avoid the time and effort of assembling a system like this, check out the new way we inflate our tires:

After using our air compressor setup for nearly a year, we wanted to improve it a bit. The way it’s been, it required 2 people – one to add air to the tires, and one to pump the brakes when needed.

If you’ve watched our original video, you’ve seen that adding air to high pressure tires from the RV’s on-board compressor can be trickier than you’d think. Since a diesel RV’s air system cycles up and down between about 90 and 120 PSI, it can actually remove air from your tires when the system is on the lower end of that range.

When the pressure is on its downward cycle, the only way to get the compressor to restart is to reduce the pressure far enough. We used to have to pump the brake pedal to accomplish that. Now, with our modified setup, one person can reduce the pressure right from the air chuck. Check out the simple modification we made to see how we did it. Just two inexpensive parts added into the system did the trick.

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