Hatchlift RV Basement Door Lift Kit Installation

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If you saw our recent video about replacing the worn out gas lift springs on our basement compartment doors, you’ll know that some RVs come from the factory with them already installed. But what about those that don’t?

Luckily, Hatchlift also makes complete door lift kits. We retrofitted a friend’s fifth wheel basement door to give it the same auto-opening functionality that our rig came from the factory with. They lift the doors automatically and hold them in place, preventing headaches and backaches in the process.

If your motorhome, 5th wheel or travel trailer didn’t come from the factory with gas lift springs, Hatchlift not only makes complete door lift kits, but Bedlift Kits, too. They also carry a wide variety of replacement gas springs and other related RVing items.

We think that Hatchlift products are excellent, so we’re pleased that they offer a special discount to RVgeeks viewers. Simply use the coupon code GEEKS10 when checking out on their website and you’ll get 10% off your entire order of high-quality RV products.

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  1. Hi guys, I need a little help from you. I also have a 06 MA and there are no numbers on any of the gas shocks. Just Master Lift and that’s it.
    I was talking with Hatch Lift and they suggested that I ask what model number you guys installed on your coach?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Terry! We actually have on ’05 MA, and because Newmar increased the height of some basement doors in ’06 (curb-side front slide), ours may not all be the same as yours.

      According to Newmar’s online parts list for our coach, it uses the following gas springs:
      80-lb, 20-inch
      80-lb, 12-inch
      10-lb, 20-inch
      40-lb, 20-inch

      Unfortunately, we don’t have any markings on our gas springs either, and can’t be sure which springs go where, other than the 10-lb springs being specifically listed for use on side-swinging doors, as they require no lifting strength.

      Also, only a couple of our doors were falling down, so we’ve only replaced those with HatchLift springs, so we can’t say for sure what spring ratings other doors would work best with.

      For our electric cord access compartment, which is likely the same as yours, we ordered a 60-lb, 20-inch, and it works great.
      For our battery compartment (right-side rear, large vertical-lift door, single gas spring… maybe the same as yours) we ordered a 90-lb, 20-inch, which also works great.

      Here’s where we found the online parts list for our specific coach, but it doesn’t say which doors get which springs. If you want look at the parts list for your specific RV, have your 6-digit coach number handy, and follow these steps. If you don’t know your 6-digit coach number, call Newmar’s parts department at 800-731-8300 and they can provide it. These steps are a little complicated, with an antiquated interface, but they do work.

      Access the Newmar online parts catalogue, available here: http://www.newmarcorp.com/resources/parts-support/ . Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Access ComNet” button. Where it says “search catalog” at the top, enter your Newmar Coach number with “CS” added to the end of the number, then click “Go.” Clicking go will result in a single search result…. a link to the parts catalogue for your specific coach. Click on the link and you’ll see your actual coach’s parts list.

      The first link in the upper left corner should say “2006 Mountain Aire Diesel Pusher Parts Catalogue.” Click on that text to go to the parts categories. You want the “Exterior” parts category, so click on “Exterior.” TheN click on “Baggage Doors’ which will show a grid with all parts related to the basement compartment doors on your coach. There is a tiny little arrow at the very bottom of the page to move forward if you don’t see your gas struts on page one.

      Hope all this helps a bit. We don’t think that taking a shot with approximate lb ratings in the correct length spring (12 or 20) is all that difficult, because the doors seem like they’re okay with a close approximation. For example, our electrical compartment door may have been either 40 or 80 from the factory, but 60 works fine. And our battery door was probably 80 from the factory, but 90 seems to give a nice solid strong lift. Sorry we can’t be more specific, but the lack of numbers on the OEM springs makes it difficult. Let us know how you make out!

  2. Another great video. You have such good videos. They take the fear out of attempting projects. Thank you.

    One thing I don’t understand: why would you need a lift for side opening basement doors?

    1. Post

      Thanks Elizabeth! We actually have the same gas springs on all of our side-opening doors, too. It holds them in place so that they don’t swing closed… or further open into the side of the RV. It’s a really nice feature. But those are less powerful springs, since they don’t have to hold up any weight.

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