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Are you considering, or already underway with a van conversion? Before you go cutting a giant hole in the wall of your rig, we thought you might appreciate a step-by-step tutorial on how to install a window in a conversion van. In this detailed DIY video, we’ll show you how to install Motion Windows into a Class B rig.

If you saw how we replaced our RV window a few years ago, you know it’s not as difficult as it might seem. But what if you’re not replacing a window, but adding one where there wasn’t one before? After the stellar experience we’ve had with our replacement window (it’s by far the highest-quality window in our RV now), we’re back at Peninsula Glass in Vancouver, WA. We’ll not only show you exactly how to complete this project, but we’ll share professional tips and tricks that make the job a breeze.

While the primary van we demonstrate on is a Ram ProMaster, we also cover the minor differences in installing a window into a Sprinter or Transit van conversion. Metris vans are very similar, so you should have no problem with the project, no matter what type of van you have.


Print the Motion Windows Radius Template here.

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